Yoga 101: Breaking Down Trikonasana

ON June 13, 2014
Intro to Yoga - Triangle Pose


Elika Aird breaks down Trikonasana in Yoga 101, showing us how to make the most of this incredibly beneficial posture. Explore each phase of the pose mindfully, staying for 5-10 breaths in each step.
1 – Feel your feet merging with the earth as your spine rises tall. Reach out powerfully through your arms and up through the crown of the head. Keep this energy throughout each phase.
2- Turn your right foot out 90 degrees making sure the knee is pointing towards right baby toe, lengthen your right side waist as you reach through your fingers and move the hips to the left.
3 – Lower your right hand to the shin slowly. Keep your quads engaged and actively lengthen down through the fingers while your reach the opposite arm directly overhead. Look up to your fingers; if there is neck discomfort, look forward or down.
4 – If your balance is unsteady, use a block behind your right ankle for support.
5 – Return to step 1 and repeat on the other side. 
This pose continues to be one that I love no matter how many times I do it and can always find some new discovery. There are so many benefits, it improves digestion, lengthens the spine and improves the balance and flexibility of hips and hamstrings  It can be simple with more modifications for beginners and pregnancy or you can go deeper into hamstring opening and explore arm variations to enhance the shoulder opening.
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