3 Workshops for Cultivating Curiosity

ON March 3, 2017

March Studio Focus: Embrace the Unknown

The third month of our Year of Empowerment is about recognizing when fear has taken hold of us and how we can nurture ourselves back to a place of understanding and self-care. Often our suffering is a product of our reactions to life events. When we become anxious about uncertainty we can work ourselves up imagining the worst or simply fantasizing about what we may want to happen. Both of these paths are dangerous and can lead to increased fear and disappointment.

If you want to practice combatting uncertainty, the best place to start is by cultivating curiosity. When we put energy into staying open and are willing to explore possibilities new doors can open for us. Trying new things is a perfect way to build our curiosity muscle. Get a little uncomfortable, make yourself a little vulnerable, and try something new this weekend!

Here are a few of our handpicked workshops that are totally worth a try: 

Bollywood Yoga Fit with David Moreno + Bulla Singh

Test out your dancing shoes.

Bollywood Dance Fitness is a fusion of traditional Indian classical, Bhangra dance styles, with Western styles like hip hop, jazz, and Latin. This high energy program will make you sweat, laugh, build strength, endurance, better smile muscles, and let your heart thump at a good clip! Date: Sunday March 5  From: 1:00- 3:00 PM Location: Grand Lake




A Compassion Heart with Ashley Sharp

Explore Buddhist philosophy and self compassion.

Compassion for both ourselves and others in uncertain times can carry us through the storms we face. Everyday we are called to our highest potential of wisdom and compassion in order to save the world and our hearts. Take an afternoon to build and explore your compassion muscles. Date: Sunday, March 12 From: 1:00-4:30 PM Location: Rockridge




Intro to Alexander Technique with Jaimi Patterson and Steven Moses

Get curious about your body!

The Alexander Technique is about movement and habit. It’s practical and embodied. The Technique acts as a vehicle to bridge the gap between that interference and our inherent design. Once bridged, it’s a skill that can be applied to any activity, including yoga. Date: Sunday, February 12 From: 4:30 PM – 7:00 PM Location: Rockridge




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