Winter Solstice Journal Exercise

ON December 22, 2014

“Winter Solstice, the longest night of the year, focus on the fertile darkness and your creative power that allows life to emerge from the soil, which will manifest fulfillment and bliss, from all the seeds you wish to plant for this next year.

Clear all the weeds of the past and let go of any disappointments or negative feelings and allow the new to be birthed from the wisdom that has been gained. Moods are like weather ~ rain, wind, snow and Sun ~ feel free in your expression but be informed by your higher nature, how to channel it appropriately into all you wish to create for 2015 and beyond.

Be content with what you have, rather than be sad or frustrated about what is lacking… Send healing love to all those you worry about, rather than take on the stress or worry about their well-being. Trust the Source Love that surrounds you and be aware that all you have created is something your higher self and unconscious self has wished to create for you ~ so that you can step into your highest potential and divinity without holding back. Every loss and failure, all being part of that creation – phoenix always rises.

Don’t be afraid to shine brightly, release any voices of sabotage or learn to not let them control you, celebrate the blessing you are and let Love be your strength to make it through all adversity. Spirit is the greatest wealth, bask in its golden rays and embrace Freedom!

We are more powerful than anything negative ~ it only shows up to remind us to rise above the forces that limit, so that we can develop our highest abilities and have mind over matter, Spirit over form ~ shaping the World around us into Heaven on Earth…”

– Laura Magdalena (via
Winter Sunset

How are you celebrating the Winter Solstice?
As the year comes to an end and days begin to grow longer, we encourage you to take some time to reflect on 2014. Here are few questions to help inspire you:

  • What new things did you learn new things about yourself?
  • What was a favorite trip, local or far away?
  • What inner strengths proved to be most valuable this year?
  • What new people entered your life? Who is no longer here?
  • What, or who, are you most thankful for?

We hope this year was a beautiful one for you in so many ways.

With love and gratitude from all of us at the studio – Happy Winter!
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