Why's Getting to Yoga So Difficult

ON November 21, 2014

by Sadie Chanlett-Avery

[This post originally appeared on Sadie’s Blog Active Body. Still Mind]

As a yoga teacher I perpetually have these two conversations:

Scene One: Around town I run into a former student. They apologize and confess, “Forgive me o’ yogi for I have sinned. It has been three months since my last class.” Then I hear about life’s onslaught: The kid’s soccer practice, work schedules, the sub teacher, the studio is too far. We declare ourselves victims of “busy.”

Scene Two: Meeting someone who has heard the yoga PR but hasn’t yet tried it. Is it only for flexible, young vegan chicks? Am I too injured, old, or out of shape? Will I look stupid? Will have to chant? I’m too lazy for yoga. It’s weird and scary.

Shaking a disapproving finger or launching into an infomercial, won’t offer anything new. There’s always more reasons not to make class. I’m tired. It’s raining. I’m hungry. I just ate. Visitors are in town.

Perfect yoga will never be at your doorstep, with your favorite teacher, at the perfect time, and free. If you need yoga to change your life than change your life to fit in yoga.

Feeling perpetually deficient, overextended, and indebted, yoga appears to demand a surplus of time, money, and energy. The ante seems too high.

Good news! The hardest part is getting there. Arrive aching, frazzled, and awkward. Find the open door labeled “come as you are.” There will be no family obligations, no decisions, no to-do lists. Silence your phone and enjoy the luxury of being told exactly what to do. It will be safe if not always easy.

In yoga we sort real from perceived obstacles. We find the agency to lean into challenge and stop hitting against old patterns. Organizing our bodies, lives, and time is never complete. Meaningful change is never spoon-fed. By making it to yoga, you make yoga.

SadieProfileBSadie Chanlett-Avery, holistic fitness trainer, yoga instructor, and writer, was named a 2013 Athleta Sponsored Athlete. As the In-house Yogi at Clif Bar & Co. she directs the yoga and perinatal programs, trains with kettlebells, and serves on the Wellness Team. Sadie received her teacher certification from Ana Forrest and has immersed for months in the jungles of Costa Rica with Master Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Glenn Black. Her M.A. in Holistic Health Education and multiple fitness certifications lends antomical depth to her innovative and playful classes.

She appreciates the diverse expression of the human genome with the belief that people of all ages and sizes can benefit from exercise and heal with yoga. Teaching for over ten years, she applies ancient yogic principles to individual needs and modern lifestyles.

Sadie blogs at www.activebodystillmind.com.

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