What to Expect in your Perinatal Class

ON March 9, 2020

Wondering what to expect from a perinatal class?

During a prenatal class you’ll gently move your body into different asanas (or poses) aimed at developing your strength, flexibility and balance. Breath work is strongly incorporated to prime you for labor and childbirth by training you to stay calm and strong when you need it most. Our instructors are trained in the nuances of yoga for an expecting body, so you will be guided gently through pregnancy appropriate poses.

A postnatal practice aids in healing, increasing relaxation, and gentle strengthening. These classes are also a wonderful way to connect with other new mothers in a supportive and healthy environment. You may or may not do a lot of yoga, depending on how your little one behaves, but making the effort to come to class and even having a bit of the class to move on your mat will make a world of differnece. Postnatal classes are appropriate for women from about four to six weeks postpartum and up until about six months, or when baby begins to crawl – twins welcome!

Learn more, find class times, and sign up for workshops developed for the various stages of motherhood on our Perinatal Yoga page.

Each of our experienced instructors brings their own unique flavor to class. While they may focus on different movements, the end goal is always to have you leave feeling a little better than when you entered.

What to Expect in your perinatal class


What to Expect in your perinatal class


What to Expect in your perinatal class

Mamas, and mamas to be — We hope to see you in class soon! Come join our community and find the support system you need to stay present in your new role.

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