Weekend with Noah Mazé

ON March 10, 2014

“Noah Mazé has been teaching yoga for a little over 20,000 hrs, making him a “master” twice-over. Time spent with Noah is full of laughter, and humorous insights into the yoga practice. His 4hr workshop on the Art of Sequencing- through group-work, lecture and 1st-hand experimentation with asanas- always came back to the question of why; what is the purpose of putting this pose before that one? Why would we as teachers teach this transition? Why teach yoga? Noah considers himself an educator, one that lit a fire within the students who attended his workshop, rather than filled their pail.” Kellyn Foxman

“Noah’s teaching voice is capable of making big, expansive ideas easy to understand. He speaks candidly about his experience and opinions and encourages us to do the same. The workshop was grounded and interactive, and I’m already drawing from his wisdom to create new classes. I left with a lot of inspiration and can’t wait to study with him again.” Sparkle Thornton

“Noah’s balance of clarity, humor and curiosity is infectious. He believes in his students.  So we smile even as we’re quaking and sweating…and that’s in tadasana!” Aviva Black

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