Virtual Classes Cross State Lines

ON April 16, 2020
Virtual Classes Cross State Lines

We asked for your stories of how you have been caring for your self and for others, and it has been emotional hearing your responses.

We are moved at how one silver lining of the current situation is how virtual classes cross state lines and has allowed our student community to expand across local boundaries.

Namaste student Mairin Lee shared the following about her experience:

“I’m an Oakland native living in New York City. I only get to take class at Namaste when I am in Oakland for work or visiting my family. One of the bright spots of the last few weeks has been getting to take class online, all the way from New York!

Here is my story: I live in a large, 300 unit building in Chelsea. Our building has a group email list that has been full of encouraging, kind, and supportive messages in the last few weeks. There are residents offering to run errands for people who can’t; there’s a doctor who is keeping us informed and calm with his weekly check-ins; and one person even organized a donation of PPE for hospitals. We had some latex gloves at home that I usually wear for cleaning the house, and we donated the remainder to her collection. Other residents gave gloves if they had them, and one person even had access to 3,000 masks somewhere offshore that they had shipped here! It feels like we have really become neighbors and a community.”

Mairin shared one of the doctor’s notes that has helped to hold her building together:

“This is the time a family pulls together, a community comes together. I was born in Buffalo, NY but raised in India where I did all my schooling, medical school, residency in Internal Medicine and worked in critical care. When I first came to NYC in 2003, I knew no one and I recall during my neurology residency after a call was over, just sitting in Union Square watching the world go by. This city adopted me no questions asked. It opened its arms and welcomed me and in 2011, I made 555 W my home in New York. We all have a story to share. This is the time to give back to the city and the people who make it so unique.”

~Nitin K Sethi, MD, MBBS, FAAN

Have something to share about how you are caring for yourself or others, or how you are being cared for by someone else?

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