#UnfoldYourTruth This May

ON May 1, 2017

May Studio Focus: Core Values

The first quarter of the year our monthly themes centered primarily around confidence. We honored our inner epicness, bathed in self-love, and cultivated courage in the face of uncertainty. Spring is here and with it new vibes for quarter two.

The springtime is about living with honesty and alignment. We’ve tapped into our inner power, and now we are ready to live with purpose. Last month our goal was to simplify and clean out any stagnant energy so that we can recognize what matters most. This month, we are using a clear mind space to examine what we believe in and what we represent.


Values give us purpose. They allow us to filter our actions and choices through the lens of what makes us feel most connected, alive, and authentic.

By connecting to these core aspects of our self, what motivates us most, we can begin to stand for the things we love rather than feeling like we must be against all of the things we hate.

The beautiful thing about naming your core values are how they don’t need to be universal. Yes, things like respect and inclusiveness are vital, but when you are narrowing down what matters the most to you, right now, you may find qualities like bravery, trust, or thoughtfulness are more relevant to your current growth and journey.

Our value system can be an evolving, living thing – like the perennial lotus flower – that blossoms with new beliefs and focuses each season of our life.

Sometimes self-compassion may be important when we are building our confidence, but as the season passes, we become ready to let go and focus on something new. During May are inviting you to fill out your lotus flower with the values that let you live your truth.

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