Student Stories: Meet Danielle

ON March 29, 2019
Student Stories Meet Danielle

Danielle profoundly inspires us with her commitment to her practice. Each day she devotes an hour to practicing vinyasa with teachers like Sita Devi and Satya Gita Aune (truth be told, she’s admitted that sometimes she even shows up twice a day!) In Danielle’s story, we see her wielding her practice to align her heart and ethics with her innermost beliefs. We strive to follow suit.

What inspired you to begin a yoga practice?

I was searching for a workout that would connect my mind, body and soul. I tried the New Student Special and was immediately hooked.

Student Stories: Meet Danielle

We are inspired by Danielle's commitment to her daily practice. Hear what drives her to practice.

Posted by Namaste Yoga + Wellness on Wednesday, March 27, 2019


Do you have any daily routines or actions that help you to make every day sacred?

I like to sit in the morning before the day starts, drink something warm and set intentions for the day.

What is the best advice you’ve heard lately?

Make choices which align with your goals and values.

What do you think is the highlight of taking class at Namaste?

The teachers are incredible. Some of the best in the world. Professional, sensitive to our needs and allow me to make the most of my practice.

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What is your definition of wellness?

Taking a break throughout your day to listen to your intuition and invest in your body, mind and soul. To use this break to understand under which values and motives you will act during the day and throughout your life.

Student Stories Danielle Neubauer

What is one thing people might be surprised to learn about you?

I’ve relocated more than 7 times in my life. I’ve lived in Israel, India, Zambia, Germany and the US. These transitions and adaptations have allowed me to realize how important it is to strengthen your core. Because at the end of the day, when life changes, it’s important to keep your backbone and have that inner strength that can only be achieved with hard work, intention and practice – what yoga has given me.

Danielle loves coffee and yoga, and her perfect day includes a combination of both. Follow Danielle on her adventures on insta @danzln

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