Start Them Young: Learning to Teach Yoga to Kids

ON September 17, 2018
We caught up with Jodi Komitor MA, E-RYT 500, RCYT, who is the Founder and CEO of Next Generation Yoga  and The Biz of Kids Yoga. Her upcoming training at Namaste promises to be enlightening and tackle important subjects such as age appropriate poses, child development, behavior management, and more.

Where do you currently live and how does it inform your life or teaching?

I live in Oakland, CA but my work is international. I travel to teach all over the US and overseas, as well as coach/mentor Kids Yoga Teachers online.

How did you find the practice of yoga? What was your first experience of yoga like?

I was first introduced to Yoga by my parents when I was 15 years old – it was on Fire Island while the sun was setting, on the dock of the bay. My parents were practicing with a private instructor and I was curious to join them. In that moment, everything seemed perfect ~ and it was.

What do you most hope students will get out of your teachings?

My prayer for those who take the Next Generation Yoga Teacher Training with me is that they find joy, connection, purpose and healing. That they reconnect to their inner-child and can play again.

How has yoga influenced your life?

Yoga is a lifestyle for me not a physical practice. It is my way of being including mindful, kind, authentic and vulnerable. My Yoga shows up off the mat primarily in how I care for the environment, eat organic foods, immerse truthfully in my relationships and practice radical self-care. I occasionally go to a Yoga class, and ritually do my own physical practice at home, every morning.

What other forms of movement inspire you?

Dance! I love to dance! Ecstatic dance!

What is your morning or evening routine?

I start every morning the same because if I don’t do my ritual, it effects my whole day. It’s simple … I wake with no alarm, typically after 8 hours of sleep because my body knows. I ritualize my space by lighting incense and lifting the blinds. I boil hot water for tea while simultaneously take my supplements. Then – my favorite … I sit in my cozy window seat & meditate for 20 minutes with the timer on. When I hear the chimes, I continue to sit in silence and gaze out the window, watching & listening to the world (and neighbors) wake up. Next I move my body uging a foam roller, doing Physical Therapy exercises and some of my favorite Yoga poses. Finally, a cell-phone free mindfulness walk outside where i notice my senses and all my surroundings. AND then … I begin to check my notifications. It works!

What is something you often hear yourself repeating in your teaching?

Trust yourself.

Do you have any wellness, yoga or “life” books, podcasts or blogs you would recommend?

Davidji on Hay House Radio

Anything else you’d like to add?

In addition to leading Kids Yoga Teacher Trainings, I am also the CEO of Next Generation Yoga and a business mentor to Yoga entrepreneurs. I’ve got 21 years on the industry with lots of experience and wisdom to share!

Join us for Jodi’s upcoming training, developed for yoga teachers, school teachers, and more. This 25-hour intensive will provide a comprehensive, hands-on exploration of unique NGY methods for combining the ancient practice of Yoga with the playful nature of children.

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