Staff Faves in the Boutique

ON June 25, 2018

Summertime brings us fully out of our winter nesting to play in the sun and tromp through glorious nature. As we emerge into the light, our summer desires for brighter colors, thin breezy layers, and flowery scents abound. Here are the summer delights in our boutiques right now, curated by our sweet front desk coordinators.

  1. The Popcorn Poncho: Meet Linda, our front desk coordinator. She’s a firm believer that for this price, you should get two colors! You can’t go wrong with this easy-breezy layer that will bump up your cool quotient exponentially.
  2. Bamboo Halter Top: Seriously, it’s a staff favorite. You are likely to see 1-2 staff members on any given day donning this gem (see Cynthia, above!). It’s soft as a kitten, flattering in all the right ways, short and sweet for summer, and will help you show off your buff yoga shoulders. Pair it with anything high waisted for instant success.
  3. Copper Bottle: Set yourself up right to stay hydrated this summer with the prettiest copper bottle around. Plus, there are all sorts of Ayurvedic benefits to drinking from copper — such as improved immunity and digestion, skin/hair/nail health, arthritic support, disease prevention, and detoxification.
  4. OmCali Rose Hydrosol: You know when you walk by a rose and you have to stop and smell it? That is the essence of summer. Take home a bottle of summer distilled, with this deliciously scented product by one of our favorite local herbalist product creators. It’s perfect for a late afternoon lift — just gently spritz the face.
  5. Paula Carvahlo Token jewelry: Bracelets and necklaces with chunky links and hand stamped tokens are a fresh and casual addition to your summer fashion.
  6. Long Weekend: This book by Richelle Donigan and Rachel Neumann is full of the inspiration you need to create your next summer retreat. You know self-care is good for you, so make time for it. This book will fill you up with ideas of where to go, what to bring, and how to set aside time with friends.
  7. Hipstirr Pocket Belt: For all your summer festival needs — keep your shoulders free to tan. These locally designed belts have all kinds of secret pockets for holding your valuables while you are hands free.

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