Spring Cleanse for the Mind

ON April 1, 2014

by Elika Aird


Springtime is the season for celebrating Easter, Passover, doing taxes (ugh), spring cleaning, and maybe an internal detox for the body. But what about the mind?! Unless you are a regular mediator our minds can get clogged with so many thoughts, creating conflict between the body and the mind.

I have been sharing this chant with my students over the past month, encouraging them to release not only the old clothes and paperwork we don’t need, but also the old habits and limiting beliefs that no longer serve our highest Self. Despite all the blissed-out yoga you might be practicing, public classes primarily focus on the physical practice, so a negative thought or two could slip in from time to time. One of the most powerful ways to dispel these thoughts and create  a more elevated mind-state is through the practice of mantras or nada yoga (yoga of sound). Ayurvedic teacher and healer Maya Tiwari, offers a selection of mantras in her book Path of Practice:A Woman’s Book of Ayurvedic Healing. The mantra above is used to help cleanse the mind of negative thoughts and promotes a state of spiritual and emotional tranquility.

Don’t worry about how you sound, just sing with an open heart and mind

In the Vedic tradition, the practice of chanting is used to create a vibration that has the ability to attune our body/mind with nature, creating a harmonious balance with the universe, the primordial wave sound, or the One Consciousness, which is Infinite and all-pervasive. Just try this mantra if you are feeling a little down and see if doesn’t pick you up. Don’t worry about how you sound, just sing with an open heart and mind and the intention to connect with the power of these healing sounds.

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