Simple Ways to Mix Yoga + Fitness

ON April 4, 2017

Yoga is the perfect complement to other types of fitness. It provides opportunities for strength building, flexibility, and increased mindfulness helping to prevent injuries. Keeping with April’s studio focus we’re offering a few simple tips on how to integrate yoga into your fitness routine.

I love to Run!

Running is all about keeping yourself balanced and maintaining proper form. We suggest focusing on integrating breath as you move through your pre and post run asanas. Notice your body and listen to your breath the way you would in a yoga class. Pick a few poses that really stretch out your legs and activate your core. This will help clear your mind and prepare your body for the next step.

I love to Cycle!

Cyclists know that strength and flexibility keep you injury free. Yoga increases your ability to stay on the bike longer by helping to lengthen and strengthen your body. Similar to running, find a few minutes before and after your route to connect with your breath for added benefits to your cycling routine. You can also take some quick breaks on your bike for side bends or whatever else feels good in the moment.

I love Strength Training! 

Weight training, whether with dumbbells or body weight, is one of the best things you can do to stay in shape. When working with weights it is particularly important to keep track of your form. Uneven alignment can quickly lead to injuries when you have added weight involved. Yoga is great for mindful activation of our muscles. Do a few rounds of cat/cow or downward dog to chaturanga before training. This will help warm up your joints and get you in touch with your breathing.

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