Self Care Ritual: Home Practices

ON February 16, 2017

This month, our focus is #SELFCAREACTIVISM. Our Namaste teachers have shared how they choose to love and care for themselves.

Last week we highlighted interesting facts and inspiration from our teachers on why it’s so important to get out in nature. This week, we are sharing some home care tips including morning practices and easy 15 minute breaks from your busy day.

Ready for the low down? Read on to hear from your teachers and get inspired on ways that YOU can create a home care practice.

Kameko Shibata: “We keep a tea warmer (just like the stand under the tea pots at grandlake) with a cup of oil in the bathroom and light the candle each morning when we get up. It heads up quickly & Then massage the oil on dry and sit to mediate for 15-ish minutes. That way the oil absorbs in and meditating w warm oil on your body is the best thing ever. I have a special pair of sweat pants for the occasion ”

Wendy Faith (Rivka): “I just returned from precious time on sacred land in Colombia… no cell phone, no email, no social media! I CONNECTED TO NATURE, felt the sun on my face, listened to the birds, basked under the moonlight… complete care to be in Union with Mother Earth.I was able to SING in the directions every sunrise and sunset, MEDITATE under the stars, PRAY with my community in temescal (sweatlodge) and PRACTICE YOGA OUTDOORS.

I am continuing these practices at home including an ongoing prayer circle tonite and one of my favorite forms of self-care, weekly DANCE, plus early morning CANDLE LIT BATHS WITH ESSENTIAL OILS and enjoying NOURISHING FOODS.How blessed we are to live in the Bay and have so much access to that which feeds our body, mind & spirit… including sharing the gift of yoga.”

Adam Kurzfeld: “Yes! I love [self-care]! Drum roll………… LEGS UP THE WALL!!! 15 min a day, keeps the Trump-slump at bay!” Legs up the wall is an amazing pose for achieving all the benefits of an inversion without the strenuous nature of flipping upside down. According to Yoga Journal, Viparita Karani or legs up the wall, helps to alleviate headaches, boosts energy, soothes menstrual cramps, and relieves lower back pain. Schedule yourself 15 minutes each afternoon for a quick break and a chance to increase circulation after sitting all day.

Jillian Schiavi: “Every single night: washing my face and putting on some yummy vegan skincare products (Arbonne) so I feel connected to my body, and feel incredible and hydrated when I wake up 🙂 I also frequently do complimentary skincare and selfcare workshops for groups of people, either in homes or in studios and businesses!”

Elana Morgulis: “Mmm, selfcare is my favorite!! I have to agree with Adam, Legs Up the Wall pose for 10 minutes any chance I get while at my day job, at the end of my yoga practice, or just to wind down in the evening is one of my favorite ways to settle and decompress. I also love taking 20 minutes or so on my porch with a cup of tea in the afternoon light. It’s so soothing on every level, I become quiet, reflective, still, and it connects me to myself. If I need to move, I’ll go for a walk through my neighborhood or a nearby trail for that quiet, soothing experience.”

We are excited to share in this collective experience. Cheers to a new month full of self-care inspiration.

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