Sacred Spaces with Tule Fog Candles

ON April 13, 2017

Candles have always had a soft spot in my heart. From their unique containers to their memory-invoking qualities, candles have been a large piece of creating a welcoming environment in my home and sacred spaces. Tule Fog Candles originated out of the need to have better quality candles for my spaces and rituals.

Tule Fog Candles | Namaste Yoga + Wellness

As industry would have it, the candle/beauty sector can be a bit scary. There are a lot of toxic chemicals used in everyday household items that are not disclosed to consumers. This did not sit well with us. Especially when it comes to burning things in our homes. Our promise at Tule Fog is to always use the best ingredients possible to keep our homes and lungs clean.

Since our inception, this January, Tule Fog has also played a large role in my yoga journey. Light and aroma are powerful tools when practicing yoga or sitting for meditation and can be transformative on and off your mat. Similar to essential oils, I have found that candles can ground, invigorate, relax, etc. Depending on the qualities you are seeking, lighting a candle can help lift your surroundings. Candles can also be impactful for sacred spaces around your home. Whether it’s a coffee table, night stand or alter, candles are a great way to create a conscious awareness of space for intention or prayer.

It’s never too late to take time for yourself and your space. And Spring is the perfect season to detox and refresh. Join us here at Namaste as we celebrate the season of simplifying and creating space. Light a candle, create your sacred space, and take time for you! Happy Spring!

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Tule Fog Candles is a passion project of our very own Front Desk Goddess Jackie! Be sure to ask her about her favorite scent next time you’re in the studio.


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