Sacred Skincare: The Beauty of Ritual

ON December 10, 2014

By Denmo Ibriham

I began making herbal skincare in 2006 when I started my private practice in bodywork and was confused by what most companies considered natural and organic. I spent hours shopping the bath and body section of Whole Foods comparing ingredients and settling for basics. I’d hop from one product line to the next uninspired and frustrated. Why were so many lines loaded with preservatives, mass-produced and made without a mindbody philosophy. I wanted something fresh, without fillers, made from the whole plant not just the extract, and formulated with integrity and intelligence. I wanted personal care products to serve as a daily reminder to celebrate my health and nurture my body and I knew that cleansing my face was an invitation to purify my mind. I wanted my products to be part of my practice.

This was the seed for Earthbody Sacred Skincare, a line of small-batch organic and natural skincare I designed with whole plant botanicals inspired by Ayurveda and handcrafted in San Francisco. Initially, I made these for my clients and myself. Demand quickly grew by word of mouth and soon people I had never met were asking for these products to relieve muscle tension, ease arthritis, and calm eczema. They wanted a healthier alternative to lotion and soap, to elevate their massage, treat their acne, and ultimately integrate mind and body.


My training in Ayurveda taught me the principles of healing. Opposites balance. Like increase like. Harmony is a relationship with the five elements. These were ancient guidelines for total health.

But I found that the Ayurvedic language was difficult to grasp, somewhat obscure and for those without a working knowledge, alienating. So I found a way to address the dosha but speak to the person. Instead of stressing the constitution of Vata Pitta Kapha – I highlighted the mood and actions associated most with the dosha in need of balance. How do you want to feel, I asked. Do you want to move? Do you want to dream? Do you want to bloom? Do you want to inspire? Do you want to ground?

These became our five therapeutic body oils ~ Move, Dream, Bloom, Inspire, Ground ~ and are the heart of Earthbody Sacred Skincare.


Why body oil? Because according to Ayurveda, when the body falls ill, the very first recommended course of action is warm oil massage. Also known as Abhyanga, warm oil massage stimulates the entire organ system, lubricates the joints, and kindles the lymph to release what no longer serves. It is recommended that self-massage become a daily priority to maintain the health. So as a massage therapist, body oils were an obvious herbal remedy to design for homecare post session.

The big picture here however isn’t about daily self-massage or natural skincare or even a non-toxic green lifestyle. It’s about aligning your life with your practice so that all divides dissolve. When I take the time to draw a bath or make a facial mask or condition my hair or massage my body, my breath changes, time stands still and I remember the truth ~ I am whole and all is one. This is the inner temple for which all practice is a path toward. This is the beauty of ritual.


Namaste is proud partner of Earthbody Sacred Skincare.
All Namaste Signature Treatments include organic, cold-pressed, locally made botanical infusions by Earthbody. Inspired by Ayurveda and handcrafted in San Francisco, choose from five organic body oils designed for the mind and body to for your next massage.

Denmo in The KitchenAbout Denmo Ibrahim | Founder & CEO
Denmo is the founder & CEO of Earthbody, an award winning day spa in San Francisco and Earthbody Sacred Skincare, a botanical line of organic vegan skincare handcrafted by healers and inspired by Ayurveda. She integrates wellness, business coaching and spiritual mentorship in all of her work to inspire an inner path of mindfulness, leadership, and personal transformation.

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