Meet Your Staff: Rose Barkley

ON March 15, 2018
Best Bay Area Yoga Jobs

Rose is modeling some of our newest apparel from the Namaste Boutiques.

Featured here: Joah Brown black tank and Beyond Yoga high waisted leggings. Perfect to go from the studio to the street.

Each week for the next few weeks we will be highlighting one of our incredible Namaste tribe members! With so many inspiring, passionate folks working at Namaste we felt it was a crime to keep their shining personalities from the rest of the world.

Meet Your Staff: Rose Barkley

How long have you been at Namaste and what do you do here?
I started in August 2017 and I am the Assistant Manager at GL

Where did you grow up and how long have you lived in the Bay Area?
Originally from Kansas City, I gravitated to the Bay Area in 2013.

Favorite part of Namaste?
The community, daily practice of kindness, and seeing people’s bliss radiate after a yoga class or massage session.

Best Bay Area Yoga Jobs

Best advice you have ever gotten?
Be true to who you are, everything else will fall in place.

How often do you practice?
Daily practice!

What is your favorite thing about yoga?
The experience of reconnecting with my own body and mind, finding connection through community and experiencing a happier more fulfilled self.

Best Bay Area Yoga Jobs

What are your favorite self care practices?
Aromatherapy and a long steamy shower

What are you involved with outside the studio?
I teach yoga, run my on small business where I make soft goods and hang out with my fur children

We know you love our teachers equally – BUT whose classes do you take the most?
this is so tough…I honestly have been trying out anyone and everyone but totally dig Jaimi Patterson

Best Bay Area Yoga Jobs

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