Quarantining with Baxter Bell

ON April 13, 2020
Quarantining with Baxter Bell

We are taking the time to check in with our instructors to see what wisdom they are gathering from this historical moment, and to hear their tips on caring for themselves and their community of students and beyond. Here’s what we learned about quarantining with Baxter Bell.

How did it make you feel seeing your students online?

“Having taught at the studio since we first opened in the early 2000s, I have a lot of long time students, so it is not only reassuring to see them in class and know they are well enough to join me for yoga, but old time students I have not seen in many years have been able to take class with me again. This reconnection with old and new students alike has felt quite special and precious!”

Have there been surprising rewards to the life changes you are experiencing?

“Being sequestered at home with my sweetie, we are getting around to dealing with important things that affect us as a couple, like finally consolidating health insurance, car and renters insurance…things that would have just sat there waiting for our attention when things “slowed down,” which they normally never do! Although not glamorous, these small things will improve the quality of our lives.

Also, it has been fun to be able to help Melina with some of her online classes, and she has been super supportive of mine!”

Quarantining with Baxter Bell

What activities have kept you grounded during these times?

“I’m reading a book about Libraries, which is surprisingly engrossing, and I have had the time for more of my own yoga practice, which really is helpful in keeping me grounded. We also try to get out for a long walk or bike ride in the neighborhood, practicing excellent social distancing with our community!!! And I have been playing my violin and mandolin a lot lately, which has been a great focus for my mind and spirit. Working on a few John Prine tunes since his very recent passing.”

Join Baxter for online Zoom classes at Namaste.

You can view his schedule and sign up here. Be sure to sign up at least half an hour before the start time!

Baxter has also created an excellent resource on finding items in your house that you can use as yoga props.

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