Quarantining with Margi Young: Your Face Brightens Everything

ON April 13, 2020
Quarantining with Margi

We know from the student perspective how comforting it is to see your teacher there waiting for you when you get on the Zoom platform. But how is it for your teacher? Do they feel like they are teaching to the empty room they are in? We asked Margi what the experience of teaching online classes has been like for her. She shared some very special sentiments.

“It is a new found thrill to have to clean up, get out of my ultra soft pajamas, leave Fin and Michael downstairs and go up the the attic space, formerly a lego space/guest room. I take a few breaths to prepare to interface with Zoom… somehow, it’s not smooth yet.

Then as I see your faces pop up, I lean in and am aware of a massive smile that I can’t take off!

Quarantining with Margi

The three jewels of Buddhism are Buddha (the teacher), Dharma (the teachings) and Sangha (the community). Way more than ever, I am feeling the importance of that third pillar. I am totally transformed to be with my dear students and sense all of our aching pumping hearts together, but apart. It is a blessing to have formed these bonds in the flesh which are quite strong enough to carry to the screen.

One of my favorite moments teaching a virtual class lately was when i was very much feeling like Ms. Marianne from Romper Room (I see Julie, I see Robert, I see Lucy…..i don’t mind dating myself!) and one of my beloved students piped in to say that she was one of the kids on that show! It reminded me of a class in NYC when I taught “ice skating pose” and later someone told me that Bryan Boitano was in class!”

Join Margi for online Zoom classes at Namaste.

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