Quarantine’s Rewards with Renee Bruno

ON April 16, 2020
Quarantine's Rewards

Namaste instructor Renee Bruno’s quarantine has revealed some surprising riches.

“One of the sweetest rewards through this period of time is to have both the firm push alongside the excess time to both think and act creatively. To problem-solve. To consider new ways of living. To let go of old patterns as they once again appear in a new light.

My partner and I began by grocery shopping for our elderly neighbors. The exchange grew and we are surprised every week with new treasures left on our doorsteps.

Freshly laid eggs, letters, flowers, chocolates. One that is especially sweet is a new pen pal art exchange which has blossomed with a neighbor.

There is nothing more fulfilling than sharing gifts from the heart, just because!”

Find Renee in her weekly classes with Namaste. View her schedule and sign up here.

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