Created for teachers who are pursuing more continuing education credits, also open to yogis who just want to deepen their therapeutic practice.

25 Hour Therapeutic Yoga Training

with Jill White Lindsay


Thursday, May 9-Sunday, May 12
12:00-6:00PM (Thursday + Friday)
12:00-6:30pm (Saturday + Sunday)

Namaste Berkeley
2820 7th Street
Berkeley, CA 94710

Course Description:

Dive into the world of therapeutic yoga — using the ancient tools of yoga to make a direct intervention with the aches and pains of today. This Therapeutic Yoga training will add many of the missing and key elements to the yoga picture to deepen the understanding of how to use yoga as a healing modality.  Therapeutic yoga is a process of meeting the yogi where they are, of empowering individuals by helping increase self-awareness and learning how to work within one’s own strengths and limitations.  The goals of this practice can include reducing or eliminating symptoms that cause suffering while improving foundation and function. But therapeutic yoga is not just for the ‘mature’ or injured, it is a practice every body can benefit from by going deep in a safe and healing way.    It’s a practice that helps to strengthen and stabilize but also unwind and restore. Course work will be both didactic and experiential. In this course, you will study: 

  • Functional anatomy and biomechanics
  • Physiology — how systems in the body work and how inter-related they are
  • Ways to replenish the nervous system and how to influence the healing of the body/mind to maintain or reach homeostasis
  • Safety in alignment
  • Therapeutic movements/sequencing that can be woven into your practice and teachings
  • The opportunity to evaluate and design and therapeutic yoga based program for individuals

Created for teachers who are pursuing more continuing education credits. Also open to yogis who just want to deepen their therapeutic practice!


$575 | $525 early bird*

*Early bird ends April 5, 2019.

*This training is subject to a $30 non-refundable processing fee. No refunds after April 25, 2019. Pre-registration required.


Therapeutic Yoga Training with Jill White Lindsay

Jill White Lindsay originally started her career as a high school biology teacher, but shifted her presence from the classroom to the yoga studio.  After a bout with cancer, Jill realized the yoga she’d been practicing could help with pain management, mood regulation, and overall strength and wellbeing.  Yoga became an anchor in her life, and her passion for yoga blossomed as her drive to teach persisted.  Jill’s focus in her classes is to cultivate a healing environment and empower students to become more connected with their bodies and minds from a kind, compassionate, and humorous perspective.  After receiving her 200-hour training from the White Lotus foundation in Santa Barbara with Ganga White and Tracy Rich, Jill expanded her discipline to teach therapeutic yoga.  Her teaching style is informed by Harvey Deutch and she received both her 100 and 50 hour advanced Therapeutic Yoga training under his mentorship and still works with him in his physical therapy clinic in San Francisco.  Jill is currently enrolled in an 800 training to become a certified yoga therapist.