Healing, Resilience, and Liberation

The Practice and Teaching of Trauma Sensitive Yoga

Healing, Resilience, and Liberation

13 Hour Training with Sean Feit Oakes

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Saturday, November 16-Sunday, November 17


Namaste Berkeley
2820 Seventh St.
Berkeley,CA 94710

Why Trauma Sensitive Yoga?

Many people find both physical and emotional healing on the yoga mat and meditation cushion. Yoga’s ancient roots as a mental, emotional, and energetic purification can still be felt in the physical exercises that are the heart of modern practice. But while yoga and meditation can support healing, they can also increase distress for folks with trauma, whether rooted in individual or systemic harm.

This practice and study weekend will weave together Classical Hatha Yoga frameworks for embodiment, breath, and spiritual practice with contemporary neuroscience on trauma physiology to help practitioners diminish symptoms such as anxiety, overwhelm, and vigilance, and grow into increased resilience and joy. 

On the first day, we’ll learn the basics of nervous system biology and yogic energy work, and how to begin to shift our relationship to our bodies, emotions, and inner stories. On the second day, we’ll look specifically at how to bring the model to life while practicing or teaching yoga, or in any kind of facilitation, focusing on language and empathic mindfulness.

Day 1: Energetic Anatomy

  • Nervous System structure & function
  • Understanding trauma: Organic Intelligence® and Polyvagal Theory
  • Tracking states in yoga & meditation practice
  • Subtle anatomy in Hatha Yoga
  • Yoga as state cultivation
  • The importance of pleasure

Day 2: Practicing & Teaching Resilience

  • How to create trauma-safer spaces
  • Basics of trauma-sensitive yoga
  • The practice of language & relationship
  • Individual & collective healing in group spaces
  • Intro to private session work
For Yoga Teachers:

This training qualifies as 13 hours of elective credit in the Namaste Professional 300 hour Teacher Training.


$295 | $250 Early Bird by November 1


* Notice of Cancellation must be made in writing. Cancellations made before November 10, 2019 will receive a refund minus $40 processing fee.  NO REFUNDS OR CANCELLATIONS AFTER November 10, 2019.

Practice and Teaching of Trauma Sensitive Yoga

Sean Feit Oakes, PhD, E-RYT, SEP teaches Buddhism, Haṭha Yoga, and Organic Intelligence® with a focus on the integration of meditation, philosophy, and self-inquiry with trauma resolution and social justice. He has studied in Zen, Tibetan, and Theravāda Buddhist lineages, including training as a monk in Burma, and is authorized to teach Insight Meditation by Jack Kornfield. He completed the Dedicated Practitioner, Mindfulness Meditation and Yoga, and Community Dharma Leader trainings at Spirit Rock.

In addition to mentor Jack Kornfield, Dr. Oakes’ primary Buddhist teachers include Eugene Cash and Sylvia Boorstein, Anam Thubten, and Sayadaw U Janaka, with whom he ordained as a bhikkhu for a Rains Retreat in 2002. He studied yoga with Alice Joanou, Rachel Shaw, Amanda Moran, and David Moreno, followed by the Spirit Rock MYMT program. He trained in Somatic Experiencing and Organic Intelligence with Steven Hoskinson.

Sean teaches at Spirit Rock Meditation Center, East Bay Meditation Center, and Namaste Yoga. Sean received his PhD in Performance Studies from UC Davis in 2016, writing on states of consciousness in Buddhist meditation and experimental dance. He lives in Oakland with his family and beloved community.