Prison Yoga Project:
Offering Yoga and Mindfulness in Prisons and Jails

Continuing Education with James Fox

More than 90% of prisoners will be released. 76% will be reincarcerated within five years. If our goal is to create safer communities and lower the recidivism rate, we’re failing. And it’s costing us a fortune, materially and in measures of human suffering. We advocate for a different approach to getting ‘tough on crime,’ and it starts with insight and compassion.

Crime has its origins in the trauma most prisoners have suffered throughout their lives. We provide prisoners access to transformational life-skills and healing through yoga and mindfulness to target the roots of criminal behavior. We want to return prisoners to society in improved overall health and well being, not further harmed.

Anyone interested in creating a more humane and effective criminal justice system should take this training: therapists, social workers, lawyers, correctional officers, administrators, and, especially, yoga teachers who are ready to take their practice into the realm of service.

Why offer yoga and mindfulness in prisons and jails? What do you need to know to do that most effectively? How can you get involved?

This training answers these questions by diving deep into Prison Yoga Project’s mission,  philosophy, and methodology. You’ll gain perspective on the history and current state of our criminal justice system, and appreciate why it’s critical that we take a different approach to justice. You’ll learn how yoga and mindfulness contribute to Restorative Justice and effective rehabilitation.  

You’ll receive an introduction to Prison Yoga Project’s unique approach to trauma-informed, mindfulness-based yoga. This approach is specifically tailored to maximize the healing benefits for symptoms of trauma and other common mental health issues affecting incarcerated people.

You’ll explore the pathways and practical considerations for offering these practices in the unique socio-cultural environment of incarceration, including interfacing with staff and prisoners.

This workshop qualifies for Continuing Education Units (CEUs) with Yoga Alliance for RYTs.

Training Details:

Saturday, August 10 12:00-7:00pm
Sunday, August 11 12:30-7:30pm
(each day includes a 1 hour break)

Namaste Berkeley
2820 7th Street
Berkeley, CA 94710

Tuition: $375

Some partial scholarships are available, please contact for an application.


*If you need to cancel your registration, please email Cancellations made before August 1st, 2019 will receive a refund minus $50 processing fee.  NO REFUNDS OR CANCELLATIONS AFTER 8/1/2019.

Prison Yoga Project Founder James Fox Upon receiving his teaching credentials in 2000, James Fox began his mission of sharing the psychologically therapeutic benefits of yoga and meditation with at-risk populations, including the incarcerated. In addition to his work with adult prisoners, he has experience teaching yoga and mindfulness practices to at-risk youth in juvenile detention; at a residential treatment facility for boys; and for an inner city gang-related community program. James Fox is the founder and director of the Prison Yoga Project, an organization dedicated to establishing yoga and mindfulness meditation programs in prisons and rehabilitation centers worldwide. Since 2002, he has taught yoga and meditation to male prisoners at California’s San Quentin Prison, as well as other state prisons.