We believe we offer the most comprehensive and best prenatal and postnatal yoga workshops in the East Bay.

Namaste Yoga + Wellness prenatal and postnatal yoga workshops are developed with a mother’s journey in mind. We want to support and honor every stage of a women’s pregnancy and beyond.

We do this by offering workshops that not only nourish a mother’s physical body but enlighten her spirit and connect her with a community of like-minded women who can support each other on and off the mat.


Postnatal Yoga Workshops

Namaste chooses to work with only the most experienced and intuitive prenatal and postnatal yoga teachers. We know how important a mother’s prenatal and postnatal yoga experience can be. We are passionate about supporting new moms as they explore their changing bodies and prepare both mind and spirit for the arrival of a new baby. We are happy to connect new mothers with any prenatal yoga or postnatal yoga resources that we have available.


To see and learn more about our full prenatal and postnatal yoga offerings, please visit us here.