New Moon Spring Cleaning: Body, Mind, and Space

ON March 20, 2015

Today marks two big events in the astrological space. It is both a Supermoon (and a new moon) and the first day of Spring. New moons are powerful in their ability to remind us of how important taking time to reset can be for our emotional, mental, and physical health.

According to Mystic Mama, “A New Moon marks the beginning of a new cycle, a fresh start in it’s cycle of waxing and waning. During this time, the Moon is empty and receptive and full of potential. This is an optimum time to plant seeds of intentions for what you wish to manifest in your life.

Most of us, live our lives so disconnected from the Earth, and devoid of any ritual that creates the space for us to connect. So the New Moon provides us with an opportunity to take the time to create SACRED SPACE for ourselves. It’s essential.”

If the beginning of a Supermoon New Moon cycle was not a strong enough catalyst for change and renewal, it is also the beginning of Spring! The Equinox is celebrated throughout history as a turning point from the dark days of winter to the brightness of blooming flowers, new births, and longer days full of sunlight.

This is a time for re-evaluating what is not serving you and figuring out how to move forward with a lighter load. We have put together a few tips on how to do some “spring cleaning” in your body, mind, and space!


1. Take a yoga class! Teachers tend to do a lot of work on detoxing and releasing during the beginning of Spring. Wring out any old tension and stagnation from Winter with a lively vinyasa class.

2. Go for a hike. Being outdoors in nature is a perfect way to enjoy and appreciate the natural world’s changes. Stroll through some trails nearby in the Oakland or Berkeley Hills to experience the meadows of blooming wildflowers and possibly some new baby animals!

3. Clean up your diet. Consider taking a week or two off of sugar, meat, alcohol, or anything else that may feel like it is weighing your digestion down. During the Winter, we tend to indulge in these things, and Spring is the perfect opportunity to reset our system with healthy, raw or Ayurvedic foods!



1. Write down all your thoughts about things that have been holding you back. Create an action plan for how to actively bring awareness to these habits or thoughts and then pin up your reminders somewhere you will be able to see on a daily basis.

2. Create a time for early morning meditation when your mind is fresh and rested. Repeat your new affirmations in your mind or out loud for a more powerful effect.

3. Talk to a loved one about things you would like to let go of and parts of your life that you are ready to change. Letting someone in on your vulnerable moments can help hold you accountable for making the changes necessary for a healthy life!



1. De-clutter your space. Get rid of anything that has been laying around without the use for too long. Do the basic sorting: recycle, give away, or re-use in a new creative way!

2. Wash your linens, curtains, and do a deep clean. Having a freshly cleaned home does wonder for our bodies and minds. Consider using some soothing essential oils in your cleaning supplies to get an aromatherapy bonus!

3. Smudge your home with sage. Smudging is the ancient art of purifying a room with sacred herbs to help clear a space of any negative energy. The smell of sage and the physical act of smudging your home can be grounding and clarifying.


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