Namaste’s Year of Empowerment

ON December 31, 2016

The new year may feel like a new start, but the truth is, we don’t begin again from scratch. We evolve from our past experiences into new ways of living in and engaging with our world. Aligned with the classical story of the hero’s journey, we believe 2017 is the perfect year for exploring how we’ve arrived in this moment and what steps can be taken towards living a truly empowered life. We’re focusing our 2017 practice on inspiring a lifestyle that carries our yoga from the mat to daily life with confidence and grace.

Most heroes begin their journey from humble beginnings – aware that they’re ready for a change but waiting for the right call to action. Consider this your call. We wish for all of our students to rise up and embrace the power we all hold to live our best life.

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Toss out the idea of flimsy new year’s resolutions and instead join us in committing to 12 months of exploring a heroic life . We plan to dig into the nitty gritty – from facing down our shadows to defining what success really means to each of us as individuals.

Namaste is excited to help you create your unique heroic journey towards a more empowered life. We plan to facilitate this creation of your individual story through prompts provided on our blog, guided meditations from our Namaste teachers, focused workshops, thematic classes, and fun promotions throughout the year. Think of it as a sweet thread through all of the amazing things already happening within our studio walls.

This 2017 let your practice become your power. Next week we will be releasing our first challenge – a 14 Day Mantra and Meditation Practice – our first goal: Honoring Our Epic-ness.

Stay tuned and follow along by doing the following:

Happy New Year!

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