Namaste Values: What Matters to Us

ON May 22, 2017

Almost 15 years ago Kimberly Leo had a dream of bringing yoga to more people. She was intent on creating a space that was inclusive, compassionate, and offered safe and smart instruction from the Bay Area’s best yoga teachers. Over the years we’ve been fortunate to have an incredible community that continues to grow. Namaste now proudly serves three neighborhoods in the East Bay: Grand Lake, Rockridge, and Berkeley.

Growing can be an eye-opening experience for people and small businesses alike. Through the years Namaste has faced many obstacles and opportunities, helping us to define and shape what matters most to our community. We are still a small, locally run business but we aim to make a big impact! In the spirit of our May Studio Focus, we are excited to highlight our Namaste Core Values Lotus flower.

Respect: We choose to treat each and every person as we would like to be treated. The classic golden rule. Everyone deserves kindness and an opportunity to be heard.

Safety: Keeping our studios safe is one of our most important values. We manifest this by hiring the most experienced teachers, keeping our spaces clean, empowering thoughtfulness in our staff, and ensuring our policies create safe environments for all.

Inclusiveness:  We believe all people, regardless of religion, gender, sexuality, color, shape, or ethnicity deserve to be treated with equality and love. If you are here and want to be a positive part of our community, then we’ve got your back.

Compassion: We believe in living like each person we meet is worthy of our love and care. Acting with sweetness creates softness and safety in our studios allowing for more intense learning and growth.

Integrity: Living a life of authenticity requires honesty, respect, and alignment of action and intention. We strive to live our core values every day.

Healing: Healing is a non-linear experience that requires keeping an open mind and open heart. We believe in honoring each individual’s unique healing journey and keeping ourselves open to support in any way we can so others can live with more freedom.

Service: We believe in uplifting our community through high-quality offerings that serve to provide opportunities to live and feel better. Additionally, our SEVA program donates all mat rental proceeds each quarter to a new, local non-profit that is making an impact in our community!

Community: What would we be if not for our community? From our incredible teachers to the endless gratitude we feel for our students to our fantastic staff – our community is the heartbeat behind the studio. To us, community happens in the small moments. When the front desk remembers your name, a fresh pot of tea is ready for you before class, or you find a new friend in class. The more moments we can create the better.

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