Namaste Tribe: Meet Sophie

ON September 15, 2014

Each week for the next few weeks we will be highlighting on of our incredible Namaste tribe members! With so many inspiring, passionate folks working at Namaste we felt it was a crime to keep their shining personalities from the rest of the world.

Meet Namaste Studio Manager (and Goddess of All Things Namaste): Sophie Geaney

Who are you?
I’m Sophie and I am from Oakland, right near our lovely Grand Lake studio.

How long have you been with Namaste?
I have been with Namaste since February 2011, 2 and a half years!

What do you do here?
I am the studio manager of all of our locations. I work closely with our amazing front desk team as well as the studio director and owner to make sure we are bringing our clients the best services possible, while also having the most fun possible. Along with managing our desk staff, I manage our Wellness program which has recently expanded into our Berkeley location, I am very excited about it! I really love expanding my role each year to encompass more and more – we are constantly growing!

Best advice you have ever gotten?
“Find something you love and make a living out of it.”

What are your favorite self care practices?
I am prone to headaches so I am often indulging in nourishing self care practices to ease the pain. My favorites include yoga, epsom salt baths, reading, massages and napping.

What is your favorite way to spend a Sunday?
I will most likely be out exploring California by hiking, canoeing, swimming, picnic-ing or cuddling under the trees. Even though I have lived in the Bay Area most of my life, I am still in awe of the beautiful and diverse nature we have at our fingertips. My favorite places include Point Reyes, Mt Tam, Redwood parks anywhere anytime and Big Sur, but my list continues to grow…

What is your favorite thing about yoga?
Yoga does the one thing that is hardest for me to do: it slows me down. For that, I am SUPER grateful! It is my goal to walk through the world as I do post yoga- all the time.


An Oakland resident for much of her life, Sophie’s love and respect for the city (i.e. the Oakland A’s) has never waned. One day in late 2010 as she made her usual Arizmendi run, she saw the sign for Namaste Grand Lake’s opening. Although still in the middle of undergrad at NYU, she had an auspicious feeling that this yoga studio would someday occupy a special place in her heart. Two years later, Namaste is her second home as she is studio manager for all three locations. Yoga is one of the most effective ways to ground this Air sign and she is eternally grateful for the growth, community and all around yumminess that Namaste offers her on the daily.

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