Namaste Tribe: Meet Fiana

ON August 15, 2014

Each week for the next few weeks we will be highlighting on of our incredible Namaste tribe members! With so many inspiring, passionate folks working at Namaste we felt it was a crime to keep their shining personalities from the rest of the world.

Meet Assistant Manager and Subs Coordinator: Fiana Anderson

Who are you?
My name is Fiana, and I am originally from Reno, Nevada.

How long have you been at Namaste?
I am going on 2 years at Namaste.

What do you do here?
I am an assistant manager, extraordinaire. I also am in charge of making sure each of our classes have an awesome teacher to teach them. If your favorite teacher is away, it is my duty to make sure someone equally awesome is there to lead your class!

What are your favorite self-care practices?
Being a blooming Ayurvedic practitioner, I can say that Dinacharya, or daily routine self-care practices are my favorites. They include such things as waking before the sun, meditation, pranayama, abhyanga (self oil massage), nasya (oiling the nose), drinking very warm water upon waking–there are many more but these are my some of my favorite jams. I also give myself the alone time I need to rejuvenate, with zero apologies.

What is your favorite thing about yoga?
You know I am having an absolute love affair with yoga. It has become a part of my every breath and such a part of my very being these days. My favorite thing about it is that first or second asana back after a break; the remembrance, appreciation and gratitude that accompanies that.

Any big dreams you are close to actualizing?
I will be finishing up my Ayurveda practitioner training pretty soon. I am excited to start treating people, making home remedies and teaching workshops.

What is your favorite thing about the Bay Area?
I adore living in the East Bay. It’s the first place I’ve ever lived that really feels like home to me. There is something hypnotic about the weather, it is perfection. I also feel a deep sense of permission to just be here and to express myself, whatever that may be, on any given day.

Fiana_AndersonFiana came to work for Namaste Yoga through sheer love and passion for the yoga community.  She moved to the East Bay last year to study classical, medical Ayurveda at Vedika Global. She spent two years studying in India and has over 1,500 hours of combined education and training in yoga, massage and Ayurveda.

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