Namaste Teachers: Meet Kameko Shibata

ON December 8, 2014

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Our Namaste Tribe is a powerhouse of wise, talented, and experienced teachers who have dedicated their lives to sharing the gift of yoga with others. We are constantly in awe of the incredible offerings our teachers bring to this community. We are excited to share a new blog series focused on celebrating our teachers and hopefully giving you all a glimpse into the talented team that makes up Namaste Yoga + Wellness.

Meet Kameko Shibata

Kameko 2How long have you been at Namaste?
I have been at Namaste for 3 years as an instructor and bodyworker. However I did trade front desk staff in college (at Namaste Rockridge) circa 2005.

What inspired you to become a yoga instructor?
The love of breath. The vastness of it all.

Your favorite literature on yoga or meditation?
Heart of Yoga by TKV Desikachar , is SO accessible for all levels, and really breaks things down. I recommend it to students all the time, use it in my courses and also read and re-read it anytime I need inspiration. I just open to any page and start reading! It has his translation of the Yoga Stutras in the back. Brilliantly simple! Dr. Vasant Lad is my go to for all ayurvedic literature, from laymen’s self-care books to his Ayurvedic textbooks and professional papers.

Your favorite self-care practices?
Involves a lot of oil! As a pitta- vata Ayurvedic practioner I am consistently using oil on everything! Oil (usually sesame or sunflower) on the skin daily in the form of Abhyanga, sometimes in the ears and nose as Nasya, mouth pulling with sesame oil in the morning, massaging the feet with oil in the evening, eating lots of ghee, olive oil and taking evening primose oil capsules. Making my nadi girl ayurveda salt scrubs with oils. And then mopping all the oil off my floor from my clients oily feet.

What is your morning routine?
As I mentioned,  it involves a lot oil and my daily yoga practice.

What are you involved with outside the studio?
I dance around on a rope 25 feet in the air, and hang from one arm (part of my aerial arts practice).  I also love to play around with spices and succulents.


How often do you practice?
I practice daily in the morning. I usually do asana/pranayama/chanting 4 days per week and often just surya namaskaras and meditation when I teach early. I also love an afternoon meditation and restorative practice which I manage a few days per week! Sometimes on Sundays I don’t do any yoga. My yogi partner and I sleep in, eat bacon, drink hot chocolate, and blast funk music. Gotta keep it real.

Absolute favorite asana?
Viparti Karani or legs-up-the-wall.

What is your favorite thing about the Bay Area?
Oakland and the racial and sexual diversity here.


Kameko’s love affair with yoga has spanned ten years and five continents! And her teaching reflects her love, curiosity and dedication to yoga and the exploration of breath. Her delicious vinyasa classes invite you to come deeply into your breath and body through safe and challenging sequences combined with sound, breath, and core work.

She weaves her passion for the traditional yoga & ayurvedic practices of India with sweaty evolutionary movement, chanting and the occasional swear word for a refreshingly honest experience. Kameko strives to see her students– always offering individual attention and safe adjustments.

Her creative sequencing is inspired by studying the “vinyasa krama” system at the Krishnamaycharya Yoga Mandariam in India. As well as her 650 hours of Yoga Alliance training, from the Ashrams of India, to studying with Mary Paffard, Alice Jaunou and Ana Forest.

WELLNESS TREATMENTS WITH KAMEKO: Kameko Shibata combines her passion for ayurvedic medicine, bodywork and yoga into a comprehensive healing modality that empowers people to heal themselves. She received her Ayurvedic Practioner certification from the Dhyana Center of Health Sciences, where she went on to complete over 1,000 hours in a 2-year internship under her teacher, DeAnna Batdorff.

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