Meet Your Staff: Tim Rubel

ON May 2, 2018
Bay Area's Best Yoga Studio Now Hiring Front Desk Staff

Introduce Yourself! What is your name, how long have you been at Namaste?
Tim Rubel. I’ve been at Namaste since January.

What is your favorite emoji at the moment? 
Tim Rubel. I’ve been at Namaste since January. My favorite emoji is a champaign bottle.

One thing someone may be surprised to know about you is: 
I can drive a fork lift. 😉

Best advice you’ve heard recently? 
Whatever happens on the mat is a paradigm for our lives.

How do you personally define wellness? 
Wellness is the state of being holistically healthy.

What are your favorite habits or rituals that help to make every day sacred? 
Coffee, 12 breaths, Looking up at the sky and smiling, a glass of wine with dinner, my home asana practice. Cooking dinner with my man.

Bay Area's Best Yoga Studio Now Hiring Front Desk Staff

The best interaction you’ve had with a student in the last 6 month? 
At Namaste, I have a growing friendship with a woman named Melissa Cadwalender. She is sassy, sweet and unapologetic and always makes me laugh. When I teach my own classes, I’d say that my best interaction has been when I see a student consistently attend class and drastically improve.

Favorite classes or teachers at the moment? 
My busy schedule has unfortunately kept me from taking any Namaste classes accept one. I look forward to this changing! I have amazing teachers elsewhere, however.

What are you up to when you aren’t in the studios?
I am a professional dance artist. I teach dance and direct my own contemporary dance company in San Francisco called Tim Rubel Human Shakes.

Anything you’d like us to share with our Namaste community? 
I am currently creating a new contemporary dance work with my company called “Alien.” I am co-choreographing this piece with a colleague of mine in Berlin named Elisabeth Kinder-Abali. We will premiere this piece June 14-16 2018 at CounterPulse and then tour to Berlin in September. You all can help if want! We have a gofundme campaign happening right now with some nice perks to support our efforts this season!  Check it out here:

Do you have a social media account we should check out? Give us your username! 
Tim Rubel Human Shakes on Facebook


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