Meet Your Staff: Raynetta Van

ON June 15, 2018

Introduce Yourself! What is your name, how long have you been at Namaste?
The name is Raynetta, but you can call me Ray 🙂 I’ve been at Namaste for a month now!

One thing someone may be surprised to know about you is:
My cat’s name is Mozzarella because I was genuinely thinking about pizza when I named her.

Best advice you’ve heard recently?
Love people where they are. Regardless of their issues and weaknesses, love them for who they are because they are deserving of love. My job is to love and here I am.

How do you personally define wellness?
Taking care of myself, spiritually, mentally, and physically so my body can be in tip-top shape.

What are your favorite habits or rituals that help to make every day sacred?
“The First Five” basically, after I wake up in the morning, I don’t check my phone or even glance at it, instead I give God my first 5 minutes. I’ve been trying to make God the center of my being. By doing this, I’m honoring Him and starting my day off with Him. It helps to center me and makes me want to be a good human in this world.

The best interaction you’ve had with a student in the last 6 month?
Well, this past month has been fun getting to know all the students. My favorite interaction has to be with Kay M. We have the shortest, but most fun conversations. I have a septum piercing and she asked if it hurt, and I told her not even. I suggested that she get one and her facial expression was priceless. You had to be there!

Favorite classes or teachers at the moment? 
Elissa Buchman’s Vinyasa class is a favorite of mine. It’s definitely because Elissa is the teacher. If you ever get the chance to connect with her outside of the studio, you’ll realize she’s a sweet pea. I’m in the midst of making my rounds to all the studios to try different classes.

What are you up to when you aren’t in the studios? 
I’m reading, hiking, or discovering new adventures with my friends or by myself. Most of the time, I’m snuggled up with my (fur) daughter, Mozzarella.

Anything you’d like us to share with our Namaste community? 
I like to write. I have a blog where I’ve been documenting my transition into adulthood from highschool, now in college. No doubt life is hard, but I find beauty in being raw and real. That’s what my blog is, raw & real. I’m a lover of community and doing life with people, feel free to hit me up so we can get coffee 🙂

Do you have a social media account we should check out? Give us your username! 
@ohirayyyy / if you’re in aesthetic, my Instagram is the place for you.

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