Meet Your Teacher: Rachel Wilkins

ON April 29, 2020
Meet Your Teacher Rachel Wilkins

Meet your Namaste Teacher, Rachel Wilkins. Rachel believes that yoga practice is a way to connect with the sacred within and to recognize the universal reflected within all of us. Her approach to yoga is inspired by seasonal energetic shifts, lunar cycles, the radiance of the sun, the steadiness of the mountains, the fluid churning of the waves, the cleansing flow of the wind and the wild dance of the heart flames. Her classes may best be described as intuitive, creative, and transformative.

What do you think it is that makes your class unique?

Each class is a synergistic dance between the flow of creative sequencing, intuitive movement, breath and the energy of everyone practicing together. That’s one of the things I love about teaching, the magic that unfolds when we all come together with the collective intention to honor and embody the creative pulse. We flow together, move together, and see where the prana takes us.

What words of advice or motivation do you find yourself saying in class lately?

Let your breath be your teacher.

Meet Your Teacher Rachel Wilkins

What poses might students often find in your classes?

While I used to be a hardcore Ashtangi, my practice and my offering now comes from a more lunar, feminine approach. I still love sun salutations, but we explore more poses inspired by moon salutations, such as goddess pose, malasana, skandasana and sahaja (spontaneous movement). A classic Rachel pose would be goddess with simhasana, lion’s breath.

What is a potent alignment cue that you might give to students?

Close your eyes, listen to the somatic wisdom, the poetry of the body . . . how does it feel?

What’s the best general life advice you can give?

Meet Your Teacher Rachel Wilkins

What can you say that might help students to make time for their yoga or meditation practice?

Come as you are. You don’t need to have everything together to do your practice. That’s why we do yoga. Keep showing up and see what happens. If you need to just roll around on your mat for an hour, that’s perfect. If you need to sit and breath for an hour, if you need to do 50 chaturangas, do your thing. It’s perfect. It’s all yoga. The essence of sadhana, a spiritual practice, is showing up with devotion and commitment. Showing up is more than half the battle, what happens on your mat is up to you.

Is there one wellness practice that you would recommend for everyday use?

Morning gratitude meditation

What is one of your favorite mantras?

Om Mani Padme Hum

✨ Om: the seed sound of creation

✨ Mani: inner jewel

✨ Padme: lotus

✨ Hum: unity

I bow to the inner jewel, the inner lotus. I bow to the inner knowing, the inner fire of consciousness. That which is pure. I connect with all that is.

What are you grateful for today?

The sense of hope in the air.

Please join Rachel for her weekly public classes with Namaste, live streaming on Zoom. They are a fun and freeing way to spend your yoga hour.

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