Meet Your Teacher: Hayley Ebersole

ON February 21, 2019
Meet Your Teacher Hayley Ebersole

Our instructors are the heart and soul of our studio and they bring their wisdom, education, spirit, and artistry to their teaching. We always want to know who and what has influenced them, what their spiritual life is like, and what current things are inspiring them. Aren’t you curious too? This month we caught up with one of the newest faculty on our teaching staff, Hayley Ebersole.

What inspired you to become a yoga instructor?

As I deepened my own experience of my body my life began to change in many ways including slowly healing from a lifelong struggle with eating disorders, anxiety, depression and body dysmorphia. The deeper I was willing to go with my yoga by creating a conscious lifestyle to support my practice and my growth, the more inner transformation and liberation I began to experience in the form of a greater kindness to myself and others, the natural blossoming of gratitude as the foundation for my choices and the arising of a sense of greater ease amidst the chaos of my urban life.

Do you have any go-to yoga and wellness books or podcasts to share with us?

I’m a huge nerd with my head pretty consistently. Some of my favorites books are The Subtle Anatomy of Yoga by Tias Little, Tantra Illuminated by Christopher Wallace, Living in the Light by Shakti Gawain, Soulcraft by Bill Plotkin and anything by Pema Chodron. I have a webpage full of recommended books on my site.

As far as podcasts go I follow Reggie Rae and the Dharma Ocean Tibetan Buddhist lineage on the Dharma Ocean Podcast. I also love Liberated Body, Chitheads & Bliss & Grit.

Which teachers influence your practice?

Abby Tucker, Tias Little, Tara Judelle, Bo Forbes, Reggie Rae & Pema Chodron

Meet Hayley Ebersole

What does your yoga practice look like and how has it changed your life?

At this point I understand that ‘yoga practice’ doesn’t mean “how many hours of asana do you do every week” but that…


I’ve felt liberated by releasing a strict idea of what a morning practice should look like. I visit my home altar in the morning and evening to take a few breaths in silence, I use oracle or tarot cards, dream work and ritual to make friends with my unconscious and the universal wisdom that lives there. I make sure to do as much physical movement during the day as is possible, whether that is my own yoga practice, an hour long meditative self bodywork session, a barre class or a long hike.

What do you want your students to know?

I believe in committing to the teachers and classes that make you feel the most alive. When we commit to our practice we are committing to living towards our fullest potential and we commit to coming to class in order to support each other on our unique paths towards that goal. We can only thrive in community.

What is your wellness routine?

I’m a huge fan of long, deliciously scented epsom salt baths while listening to podcasts and doing abhyanga, the ayruvedic practice of self oil massage. Not only is self massage a powerful way to heal, strengthen and support our physical health, mental ease and emotional balance but its a great opportunity to seal positive affirmations (some of my favorite “I accept myself exactly as I am” “I accept my body exactly as it is” “I am present in my body in this moment”) directly into your body.

Meet Hayley EbersoleWhat are some of your passions outside the studio?

Over the last few years nature has become my primary teacher. I’m involved with woman’s moon rituals and priestess circles that honor the importance of natures cycles, deepen my connection to transformative community and offer an opportunity to celebrate the beauty and challenge of living in a body. I volunteer as a companion to hospice patients because I’m fascinated by the final gateway of the human journey and it’s capacity to wake us up to what matters most in our lives.


Join Hayley on the mat! You can find her at our Rockridge studio on Monday and Wednesday mornings, 8:30-9:45am.

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