Meet Your Staff: Anisa Esmail

ON September 11, 2018

When you come into our studios, you are greeted by friendly faces. Have you ever wanted to know more about the beautiful humans behind our front desk that you interact with on a daily basis? We caught up with our Rockridge Front Desk Advisor Anisa Esmail recently and learned many a thing we did not know about her.

What is your favorite emoji at the moment?

Ooooh my favorite emoji would definitely be the “hang loose” emoji.

One thing someone may be surprised to know about you is:

I don’t know how to ride a bike!!

Best advice you’ve heard recently?

“You define your limitations from your self-report” — which I guess isn’t advice but an interesting way to view yourself.

How do you personally define wellness?

I view wellness as physical, mental and spirtual good health.

What are your favorite habits or rituals that help to make every day sacred?

Daily yoga practice

Best interaction you’ve had with a student in the last 6 month?

I commented on a client’s New Yorker canvas bag. We shared the same excitement about Conde Nast and the New Yorker. She started to discuss a story from the current issue. And I confessed that I no longer have a subscription! So she brought in some of her old issues!! I’m so thankful for that experience and to be apart of such a warm community.

Favorite classes or teachers at the moment?

I love Annie Carpenter‘s class even though I have only had a chance to take it once. In addition, I really enjoy Sean Oake‘s Insight Meditation Satsang Donation class. Oake’s class reminds me not to focus so much on materialism and to find a balance within my anxieties of living in the bay area.

What are you up to when you aren’t in the studios?

It’s a mixed bag!! I’m really excited I will be a part of my first fashion show wardrobe styling for Vogue! Knitting LIVE in September. I’m also a full-time student. I’m currently finishing my Bachelor’s in Fashion Technical Design (Patternmaking) and Journalism. Then I try to draw and paint whenever I have free time. (Which is rare)

Any book referrals or people we should know…. ?

Joan Didion. She is a pretty popular author but if you haven’t read anything by her, definitely check her out. My favorite short story from her is “On Self-Respect” — one of her older stories she wrote when she was writing for Vogue in the Sixties.

Find Anisa

You can add me @anisaesmaill on instagram.
Or just say “Hi!” when you see her at the front desk!
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