Mantra Work

ON February 10, 2020
mantra work

A mantra is traditionally a word or sound used in meditation to aid in concentration, but what lies behind a mantra is the idea that we are the agents of change in our lives. We have the power to make our desires our reality.  You can use a personal mantra to inspire you to be your best self. Finding the right and most authentic phrase for you can help to affirm how you want to live your life. Speaking it aloud can bring it into being.

Mantra and its practice are part of Vedic tradition in which the sounds of the natural world connected humans to a greater universal energy. These traditional practitioners saw sound and its vibrational quality as the audible manifestation of the energy to which we are all connected.

How do you use a mantra?

How you use it is up to you. Typically, it can be used to center your mind during meditation. You can speak it out loud, or in your mind, while you meditate. You could use it on the daily – for instance, carry something smooth in your pocket, and whenever you come upon it, repeat your mantra to yourself. Use it like the pause before reacting to something. Feel some feelings arising? Wrap your mind around your mantra for a moment before you respond.

Words have power. Speaking them out loud gives them even greater power, so try to say your mantra out loud when you can. Repeating your conscious desire gives it life and breath.

How do you find your mantra?

Decide what idea, goal, concept, or emotion is worthy of your concentration. Then, turn it into a declarative statement by imagining you already have what you are looking to attract. For example, if you are desiring financial security, try “I have everything I need to live an abundant life.”

Here are some of your instructors mantras, for inspiration. Maybe one of these will resonate for you, or perhaps a new one will be sparked.


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