Mantra Meditation: Keep It Going

ON January 25, 2017

Today is the last day of our 14 Day Mantra Meditation practice. As the first month of our Year of Empowerment begins to fade into a new chapter – we want to encourage you to keep up your mantra practice throughout the rest of the year. Mantras can help remind us of our power, our inner peace, and our ability to weather change and resistance. They are malleable and can adjust to whatever we are facing in our life. You can have one mantra or many. You can say them aloud, our quietly to yourself.

The process of building a more empowered life starts by integrating practices that boost our self-confidence, support our mindfulness practices, and offer relief from fear and doubt. Over the next 12 months you can pick and choose what practices work best for you!

As a last harah we are sharing with you three more inspiring tips from our Namaste tribe:

Ashley West Roberts

The way I currently practice is by choosing weekly mantras that go on my calendar on the first day of each week.

I memorize and repeat them each morning before I get out of bed and throughout the day as needed. And that is often! My mantra (which I have already shared with my students this week) is from Judith Lasater…

“Relaxation is the process of observing your tension”
When I feel stressed or overwhelmed I pause and repeat this and notice how my body responds. Simple.


Annemaria Rajala

Annemaria Rajala

I love using mantras!
Here’s a mantra that I use with my Prenatal students as we work through a challenging moment:
Inhale: I am Strong, 
Exhale:I am Capable
I learned this from my good friend Julie Anne while pregnant myself and used it as labor got going. It was massively helpful and empowering.


Simona Balan

An empowering one that I really like and could qualify as a mantra is this quote from Pema Chodron:  You are the sky. Everything else is just the weather.”
Otherwise, my favorite empowering mantra that is not in english is Om mani padme siddhi hum ri
– a reminder that, just like a muddy lake is home to the pure lotus flower, what we perceive as the “ugly” or “challenging” parts of ourselves are in fact our greatest opportunities for growth towards attaining pure joy, compassion, and inner peace. I sing this mantra often at the end of my yoga classes, during savasana.



How to Create Your Mantra:

Think about what you personally need to hear. Often Mantras begin as affirmations, “I am, I choose to be, I believe…” Mantras are statements, not questions, that enforce a value or belief about ourselves and the world.

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