We Love Our Students: Teresa Marylander

ON June 26, 2018

Our Namaste students are the heartbeat of the studios. We love watching each and every individual learn and grow in their unique way. If you’ve ever wondered who is practicing on the mat next to you… here is your chance to find out!

Introduce yourself! What is your name and how long have you practiced at Namaste?
Hi, I am Teresa Marylander. I have been practicing at Namaste for exactly one year.

What inspired you to begin a yoga practice?
I looked for an exercise that benefits me physically and spiritually. Yoga can be very vigorous yet very calming at the same time.

Favorite parts about taking classes at Namaste?
I feel like part of a welcoming community when I come to yoga classes.

What is your definition of wellness?
Living with two teenagers, and being able to be calm:-)

One thing people might be surprised to learn about you is?
I have done many things in my life varies from being a writer, a certified public accountant, an instructor of a software company, a computer manager at a university, a dog trainer, and now a preschool teacher.

Favorite things you do to help make every day sacred?
Practice yoga, chanting Buddha’s name, and tender my garden.

Best advice you could give to someone who is struggling to start their health and wellness journey?
It’s always hard to make the habit of exercising or eating healthy in the beginning. Just keep at it, and it becomes a passion or lifestyle.

Anything you’d like us to share with our Namaste community?
Both my children go to Oakland School for the Arts. The children’s performances are amazing, very professional. Check out their website to follow their events. It’s an amazing school with talented students of 10 different emphases, everything from vocal to fashion!

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