Beautiful Template for Your Own Kindness Postcard

ON June 21, 2017

Technology is an undeniable part of our everyday lives. We use our phones and computers to communicate constantly. We stay in touch through text and Facebook updates and rarely do we refer back to the practice of handwritten notes. This month, as part of our 30 Days of Kindness, we are focusing on small ways to make a big impact. Writing a personalized letter is a great way to give a little extra love and kindness to regular interactions with loved ones.

Take a few moments this week to print out our beautiful Kindness Postcard template and share with a special person in your life! Simply right click and save the image below to print out at home.

(PS. Be sure to share photos this month showcasing your #kindness for a chance to win a Manduka mat and Namaste Trucker Hat. Use the hashtag #empoweredbykindness to play!)

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