We often look to our students to inspire us.

Recently this came through our inbox:

 “I look forward to yoga at the Namaste studios to help me ground and be more able to sift through all of the thoughts and worries. After taking Odisa’s class just now, I feel connection not only to my own body but to the community. As a small business owner, I feel inspired to get creative with the ways I can reach my community during this time of isolation just as you all have done.” – Isabel G.

This share from our student made us think about how our yoga practice, particularly right now, is both imperative for our self care and mental health, as well as how it can inspire each of us to be a bigger player in our community.

We’ve been recording the stories in our community of how we are lifting one another up through this difficult time. Read our blog posts below to be inspired by the people taking action in our community.

What are you doing to care for your community or your self?

Helping your community could be as simple as:

  • Supporting a small business by purchasing something for yourself or someone else online.
  • Staying dedicated to your yoga practice (and keeping your membership) by attending online Zoom classes
  • Coming up with a fun way to connect virtually with friends and loved ones
  • Making daily phone calls to those who are isolated
  • Sewing face masks 
  • Making art and sharing it with others
  • Helping someone you’re sheltered with by doing extra chores or other small acts of kindness
  • Picking up trash around your neighborhood (while maintaining social distancing!)

….There are so many ways that our actions intersect with our community.

Carving time out for your own self care is equally as important, as it drives the possibility of then caring for your larger community. Maybe you are…

  • Carving time out of your day for a yoga class with a special teacher
  • Creating new self-care rituals at home
  • Meditating every day
  • Using essential oils to reduce stress
  • Cooking nourishing meals
  • Getting more hours of sleep!