Prep for Inversion Practice

ON May 8, 2019
Prep for Inversion Practice with Adam Kurzfeld

Adam believes that building your core strength and opening your shoulders are keys to a successful inversion practice. In this sequence, he started in plank to build strength and warmth before coming into downward dog.


  1. From Plank Pose (can you hold it for one minute?), come into Downward Dog. Take a few slow deep breaths there.
  2. Flow into Warrior 1, then fold into Humble Warrior. This flow is built around both opening the shoulders and relying on core strength to balance in Humble Warrior.
  3. Coming up, move into Warrior 2, taking arm variations to continue to help open the front and back of the shoulders. In order to engage in handstand with strong and straight arms, this shoulder opening is necessary.
  4. Using a block if needed, move into Halfmoon and work on balance, which again helps to focus and activate your core strength.
  5. Fold down into a standing split, continuing to build strength and endurance, before flowing up into handstand. If you are trying this flow at home, be sure to practice in front of a wall for additional support. Rest in Child’s Pose when you are done.
  6. Be sure to try kicking up with both legs. You may find the experience different on different sides.

Inversions have many benefits! They are useful for changing our perspective, flushing our lymphatic system, helping support our immune system, and engaging with the playful side of ourselves. Don’t let your drive for a perfect inversion stand in your way, instead allow your playfulness to drive the practice.

Join Adam for his upcoming Upside Down Extended Practice to go deeper with your own inversions, build strength, and begin to overcome your fears of the upside down world. Beginners are welcome for this extended practice too, as variations to begin to orient you to upside down poses will be offered.

PS Legs Up the Wall is an inversion too!

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