How to Feel Safe: Practices for Soothing Anxiety

ON July 16, 2019

Many of us can attest to experiencing a feeling of vulnerability in a yoga class. There are many relationships between yoga and feeling safe, from practicing with good alignment boundaries, to feeling emotionally moved in a class as your physical body opens up. As Eclipse season is throwing many of us into the seas of change, we asked our teachers to share a practice that can help make us feel safe and held when we may be feeling vulnerable or anxious.

Hayley Ebersole

A sense of safety, security and belonging is represented in energetic anatomy by the root chakra. On my life long journey of inner cultivation I’ve yet to find a mantra that is more effective for relieving anxiety than the simple words “I am safe.”

Feel safe

Sarah Moody

Slow down your breathing.

Inhale to a count of 4, exhale to a count of 4.

Repeat several rounds.

Jaimi Patterson

Anne Koller

I hold my hands to a part of my body and chant “I am home in me” and remember that my safe space is within me.

Elana Morgulis

A simple practice to feel safe and held is to first find a really comfy position – this might be a gentle Restorative pose like supported child’s pose, it could be savasana, or it could be laying in bed or on the couch. Start to add cushions and blankets wherever you feel your body could be held and supported such as under your head, low back, under the knees, feet – anywhere and everywhere! The point is to have your body in contact with something soft and supportive. Next, wrap or cover yourself with a blanket – the heavier the blanket the better. Add some weight if that feels good to you, maybe another blanket. Close your eyes. Take several long, slow breaths and bring your attention to where your body feels the support of the cushions and blankets. Breathe that sensation in. Take in the wrapping of the blanket around you and softly say to yourself “Right now, I’m okay. I am safe. I am here.” If you do nothing more than wrap yourself in a blanket and say something kind to yourself, that’s more than enough!

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