Honoring our Instructors of Color

ON February 20, 2020
Honoring Black History Month

To honor Black History month, we wanted to shine a light on those instructors in our own community who share this ancestry. While we strive for diversity in our community, we are forever seeking to improve and to extend our awareness of cultural and social justice issues in the yoga industry. We love the unique perspective that these instructors on our roster bring to their classes and to our community. We love that they are here to create inclusive and intimate environments in which students of all backgrounds can feel safe.

Meet Satya de la Paz

With 12 years of experience teaching yoga, Satya de la Paz August inspires students to fall in love with their bodies and their practice. Deeply inspired by her years as an educator in West Oakland, she infuses dynamic alignment, chanting, storytelling, and community-building into her classes. Satya offers Yoga as a means of collective and personal liberation and decolonization: accessing our innate healing capacity through therapeutics and compassion, meeting media-driven body shame through mindfulness and affirmation, freeing the heart of resentment and blame, and healing the mind of patriarchal ways of moving and acting. Multiple expressions of poses are offered as students are encouraged to listen to their own body wisdom and access needs. Experience Satya’s unique way of creating refuge, offering mantra, and the opportunity to learn something each class about your body, philosophy, or mind.

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Honoring Black History

Honoring Black History

Meet Elika Aird

When you take a class with Elika, expect to be inspired and to move your body possibly in ways you’ve never moved, exploring your creative intelligence and connecting with your own Source. Experience a soulful and dynamic weaving of healing music, yoga philosophy, poetry and vinyasa flow informed mostly by her Prana Flow training with Shiva Rea. She now infuses yoga, fitness, dance and meditation throughout her classes, encouraging students to connect with the wisdom of the body to find strength, insight and ease on the mat as well as off. You can find her also teaching Whole Birth ®Yoga, mom+baby and yin/ restorative yoga classes throughout the Bay Area. Elika’s teaching is also greatly influenced by studies with Sarah Powers, Judith Lasater and from Ayurveda and Energy Healing.

“Elika’s warm, positive energy keeps the tone of the class welcoming and fun.  She gently shares ways to modify poses based on folks’ abilities and how they are feeling that day.  I always leave the class feeling great and with a positive outlook.” ~ Namaste Prenatal Student

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Honoring Black History Month

Honoring Black History Month

Meet Odisa Walker

The Vinyasa Yoga practice has helped Odisa to find stillness within movement and the breath. She has taught yoga for more than 12 years and founded a studio in the Washington DC area with two locations before moving to the Bay.

Her classes are fluid, breath-centered movement, alignment based, and lovingly taught. Each class is infused with philosophical intention that comes from many of her own experiences. Odisa’s philosophy is that life is hard and although yoga at first may feel like a respite from the world it can also teach us how to live in the world with an open and accepting heart. Expand your ideas of every pose as you deepen your practice. Take some of your favorite poses and turn them sideways and upside down. Maybe even climb a tree!

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Honoring black history month

Also keep your eye out for one of our newest subs, Rondy Isaac! Rondy believes Yoga is emancipation. This ancient system was designed to liberate your mind and body, by detangling the restrictions our world and our selfs put upon us. Practice yoga daily to experience your divines.

Please join us this month (and always) in supporting our teachers of color and exploring what they have to offer. We are so grateful to have them in our community and for sharing their gifts.

The struggle for equal opportunity and representation is real. Learn more about the importance of Black History Month or visit the Give Back Yoga Foundation to support the development of yoga for People of Color.

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