Healthy Body Basics

ON April 3, 2017

The season for shaking out stagnation is upon us. Now is the perfect time to take stock of all that has built up over the winter. Our focus this week is on the BODY. You know the feeling of eating unhealthy food or not getting enough sleep. We’ve all been there. This week our goal is to bring awareness to SIMPLE ways we can clean-up our nutrition, sleep, and self-care to help us live a little lighter.

Let’s get started with some basics:

1. Drink PLENTY of water. 

Namaste Tip: Slice up some lemon slices the night before and keep them in the fridge. As soon as you wake up, grab some lemon wedges and a glass of room temperature water. Your body is working hard to cleanse itself at night and we all wake up a little dehydrated. Drinking some fresh H2o first thing in the morning can help with grogginess, digestion, and mood. It’s simple and super effective.

2. Take at least two yoga classes this week!

Namaste Tip: Teachers tend to do a lot of work on detoxing and releasing during the beginning of Spring. Wring out any old tension and stagnation from winter with a lively vinyasa class. Vinyasa or Hatha Flow classes tend to have more movement and will help get your heart rate up. This increases blood flow and allows your body to cleanse itself of any lingering toxins.

3. Cut out the “good stuff” and replace with real food. 

Namaste Tip: Search “Detox Diet” on google and risk being sucked down the rabbit hole. Keep it simple. Consider taking a week off of one thing. Maybe it’s sugar or alcohol. It can also be white starches, like rice or bread, or habits like smoking. Don’t overcomplicate it. Stressing out about the right “meal plan” can reverse the benefits of healthy eating. Instead, just be mindful in your choices and think “How will this make me feel?” before deciding to nourish yourself with it.

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Best Yoga Oakland and Berkeley | Namaste Yoga + Wellness   Best Yoga Oakland and Berkeley | Namaste Yoga + Wellness

Best Yoga Oakland and Berkeley | Namaste Yoga + Wellness   

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