Happy Mother’s Day from the Namaste Tribe!

ON May 11, 2014

My daughter has been a part of the Namaste community since she was in utero and I taught my class with my protruding belly right up until three days before her birth! Motherhood is like yoga; my daughter always draws me back into the sweetness of the present moment. Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there and thank you for all that you do! –Megan Moreno


There are only two lasting bequests we can hope to give our children. One of these is roots; the other, wings. W.Hodding Carter. –Judy Rukat


Dance as a spiritual practice came from this hot mama (disco queen of the 70’s)! –Liz Mac


I am so grateful to be the Mother of Ezra Gopal! Pure Joy and Lots of Devotion ! Jaya Ma –Nubia Teixeira


My mother passed away 14 years ago July 3rd 8:06pm. I miss here everyday. There were nuggets of knowledge she would give me as a child that I did d not know I would use in my adult life and I am grateful. She called me her Robby Roo. Much like baby kangaroos, I stayed close to her always snuggling. Her scent was intoxicating and could never be duplicated. –Robin Ward

KimKimberly or Enzo? 🙂


Here’s my foxy Taurus mama, who introduced me to my very first yoga teacher. She is a force and I am so proud of her courageous path. –Bethany Hobbs


My Moms cute activist picture is attached. Id love a caption that says, “Thanks, Mom, for teaching me to stand up for justice!” –Sarah Jenness


“Time with our kids is precious. Do whatever you need to do to feel your best, so you can enjoy every minute of it!” –Dr. Amy Day


This is my Mom. The photo says so much….rarely is there a picture of just her. She is always with family or friends. She loves the country life. My Mom is the sweetest and most patient of anyone I know. I love her fiercely and hope I have inherited some of her traits. –Cherie Carson


My mama’s got a heart of gold! -Helene Cotton

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