Gifts for Lovers of Movement

ON December 2, 2019
Lover of Movement

Is your loved one a lover of movement? Our boutiques are packed full of delightful gifts, from clothing that provides freedom of movement, to yoga mats of all weights and widths, to rollers and balls to get the kinks out after your workout. As lovers of movement ourselves, here are some of our in-stock favorites.

Lovers of Movement

The Everyday B Mat

This is one of the stickiest mats we’ve ever used, and it is pure delight to practice on. The sticky nature of this mat will help you push into your fingers and feet for an energized and rooted practice. With its’ slight cushion, you’ll feel supported whether doing standing poses or practicing on gentler body parts like your knees.

Available in a suite of rich colors, this mat is our go-to yoga buddy.

Up Level: purchase a gift card for a 5 class pack of yoga classes! That’s the stuff that dreams are made of.


Lovers of Movement

The Jade Voyager Mat

Everyone’s got a favorite mat around here, but the Jade Voyager has a special purpose. It’s pretty much one of the lightest, most foldable mats on the market, and that makes it perfect for travel, vacations, and yoga retreats. You can fold it into a square and lay it flat in your suitcase. You can use it alone, (although it’s very thin so it doesn’t have a lot of cushion to offer), and it’s got all the great qualities of a Jade mat — think eco-friendly, nice texture, and grippy. Are you traveling somewhere that has mats available? You can also bring this lightweight travel friendly mat to layer it on top of another mat for a personal, clean and grippy surface.

Up Level: Throw in some other small yoga props, like a strap, block, or massage balls.


Lovers of Movement

Cork Yoga Block

Take your home practice to the next level with a set of eco-friendly cork blocks. Using props in a yoga practice can add a level of safety to the practice, helping to keep poses in alignment or keeping you from going too far into a pose. They can also be used in restorative postures where the practice is more passive and restful (Perfect after a long workout of bike ride!). Plus, bonus: made of earth-friendly cork, harvested by hand every nine years without having to cut the tree down.

Up Level: Add a book from our collection to encourage a safe and healthy practice over the long term. We recommend Yoga for Healthy Aging (by our very own instructor, Baxter Bell), or Yogabody by Judith Lasater.

$19.95 each

Lover of Movement

Cork Massage Roller

There’s plenty of massage rollers out there made out of foam and plastic, and while they may do the job, they lack both an aesthetic component as well as being eco-conscious. The B Release Roller hits the mark on both these fronts. For your loved ones who love to move, this massage roller is the perfect post workout release, or just a nice way to get some self love after a long day. Small and compact and aesthetically pleasing, this gift is perfect for your active friend or loved one.

Up Level: Purchase a gift card that can be used for our Roll + Release classes. It’s important to get a repertoire of all the moves.


Lover of Movement

Yoga Therapy Balls

Much like the cork roller, this set of soft self massage balls are a great addition to an active life. Getting into the little spots after a tough practice or workout helps to increase blood flow to those areas and aids in decreasing recovery times. These little puppies pack a great punch. If you’ve ever taken our Roll + Release classes at our Grand Lake studio, you know how much you want to take a set of these home afterward. There are endless ways to use these self massage tools.

Up Level: Pair with the roller mentioned above for the ultimate tools to work out the kinks. Another idea — throw in one of the Om Wellness CBD Epsom Salts for a truly therapeutic experience.


Lover of Movement

Apparel for Movement by Beyond Yoga

Your active girl is going to love any one of our high waisted leggings by Beyond Yoga. The softest, lushest, most comfortable styles fill our racks in a wide range of color options. We love this brand for their excellent fit, longevity after washing and wearing, the soft hand of their fabrics, and their truly flattering styles.

Up Level: How about a matching top and bottom?  Sets are all the rage in activewear right now. Or, we love how Beyond pairs with one of our other favorite brands in the boutique, Dazey LA tee shirts.


Lover of Movement

Apparel for Movement by Girlfriend Collective

We love Girlfriend Collective for their commitment to creating quality eco-friendly clothing out of post consumer recycled plastic bottles. If your loved one is both a lover of movement and a lover of the earth, the bras and leggings from this brand are a perfect fit. We carry these styles up to size XL.

Up Level: Pair with a matching yoga mat for a perfect practice.


Still need some more ideas?

Keep your eye on our blog for other great gifting ideas from our boutiques. Or swing by one or both of our locations, our front desk associates are happy to point you toward their favorite things.


Can’t decide? We have gift cards available online and in person in our boutiques, available in any denomination and applicable to any of our goods or services.

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