Gift Guide for Self-Care

ON December 6, 2018
Self Care Gifts

This holiday season, give the gift of self-care. Combine any of these therapeutic gift ideas with a workshop or massage, and you’ve got an instant win.

(left to right clockwise):

Lifeflower CBD infused massage oil. This delicious elixir for the skin is loaded with Vitamin E and all organic plant extracts to ensure complete relaxation and relief. Infused with jasmine buds, rose buds, lavender sprigs and chamomile buds, and spiked with a charged rose quartz. Several other CBD products from Lifeflower fill our shelves, including Roll-on oils, bath bombs (see below), Med sticks for extra strength healing, and body wash.

Sundara Muscle and Joint oil. Made with 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils of Basil, Camphor, & Clove. Sundara products are Ayurvedic, handcrafted, non-toxic, all-natural skincare line — they are “food for the skin.” We carry many offerings from the Sundara product line, including bath salts, hair products, and more.

Lifeflower CBD bath bomb Can’t say enough good things about the experience of settling into a warm bath with the therapeutic powers of CBD on your side. Maybe a cup of tea to sip on the side would just push it over the edge of goodness?

Chattra pranayama pillow. One of our favorite local vendors, Ann of Chattra has all her fabrics printed by hand with wood blocks by a family she knows in Jaipur. The fabrics are sewn into cushions in India, and then stuffed in LA into bolsters, zafus and more. Her pranayama cushion is long and slender, and meant to use lengthwise under your spine for a reclined pranayama practice. It is different from using a bolster under your back in that there is more room to fill your back body with breath and does not create as much of a backbend since it is not as high.

House of Intuition magic candles. Each candle is meant to assist with an energetic therapeutic opening, and is filled with intention. Also, once burned to the bottom, you’ll find a super charged stone or crystal at the bottom filled with your intention. Made in LA in small batches.


(left to right clockwise):

Ayur Ayurvedic Copper Bottle. Drinking out of copper has many benefits in the ayurvedic tradition, including improved immunity and digestion, increased metabolism, and arthritic support. Upgrading your drinking vessel to something beautiful will only make you want to drink more water, no better self care than that!

Omcali Body Oils. These ayurvedically inspired oils can be used for daily skin care. These same oils are used in our massage treatements and are made locally in San Francisco, with ingredients from Sonoma.

Sundara Bath Salts. Pretty himalayan salts in a festive container, perfect for gifting. Need to slow down a minute? A bath is highly recommended.

RAD self massage tools. These rollers, rounds, and rods from RAD are the height of self care. Roll out the stress and release sore muscles. Comes with great instructions on how to use on many a body part, plus tons of tutorials online make these tools worth their weight in gold.

House of Intuition bath bombs. These bath bombs were configured around specific intentions (money, love, abundance, etc). Put a little magic in your loved one’s stocking.

Shakti and Bhakti Coloring Books. Illustrated by a local Bay Area artist and chock full of deep yoga philosophy, coloring is a proven form of mindfulness and stress relief.

See you in our boutiques!

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