Getting Here: A Guide to Oakland Transportation

ON August 14, 2019
Getting here

Getting here is a part of the journey to presence that yoga class affords us.

As we close our Berkeley studio and move much of our programming to our Oakland studios, we strongly encourage our Berkeley based students to maintain their practice by joining us at our Oakland locations. But…how to get there? We’ve shared some parking guidance via emails, but in the bigger picture, there are many ways to get to our Oakland studios and we wanted to share them with you. It feels important to both relish the urban life we have that is full of transportation options, as well as to reduce our reliance on cars.


If parking is a concern for you, consider the many public transportation options available.

As one of our students gratefully pointed out, “Both studios are in incredibly transit rich and walkable neighborhoods.”

The Grand Lake studio is one and a half blocks from  a local and transbay bus stop (on Lake Park, in front of Heart and Dagger Saloon), with many bus lines. The  29 bus picks up about 50 feet from the studio and goes up and down Lakeshore. There is a Bay Wheels bike share station on Lakeshore, a block away from the studio, and scooters are everywhere in Oakland.

The Rockridge studio is a short walk from the Rockridge BART station. Bus routes abound on College Ave.

Carpooling / Rideshares

Of course, there are rideshare apps like Uber and Lyft if your concern is having to find parking in Oakland.

We also encourage saying hello to your classmates in the yoga studio. Have you considered making a friend that you might be able to carpool with? Sit and have a cup of tea after class and strike up a conversation with a classmate. Perhaps you are coming from the same neighborhood!


If you want to or must drive, here are some of our parking tips.

The Grand Lake studio at 3229 Lakeshore Ave has a free parking lot across the street, as well as neighborhood short term parking on surrounding streets (some of our faves to find parking on are Rand Ave, Wickson Ave, Glen View Ave, and Trestle Glen.)
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Getting Here: Parking at Grand Lake

The Rockridge studio at 5416 College Ave has ample short term parking on surrounding streets. (Some of our faves are on Manila Ave, Kales Ave, and James Ave.)

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We can’t wait to see you at our Oakland studios!


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