Grounding, Microbes, and Medicinal Herbs

ON April 6, 2017

Digging your fingers in the dirt will take you back to another age and time  — a time of wonder and simplicity.  While tending your garden, you can’t help but notice the seasonal changes in plants, the sweet little buds coming out and then turning into blooms, the first leaf joyfully coming into existence. It’s a wonder that translates to other compartments of life — teaching yourself to take the time to look and listen and be in wonder with other humans in our lives, other relationships, other moments of our day. Gardening teaches a cultivation of love for the little things.

There are some scientific reasons to back up the theory that gardening improves your life. Called “earthing” or “grounding” — gardening fulfills the task of touching the earth. The earth itself is masterful at removing excess positive charges in the body, which build up in our bodies over time from our modern lives full of cell phone and computer usage. Research is beginning to show that “earthing” can reduce inflammation and chronic pain, improve sleep, improve blood flow, support adrenal health, and more.

Gardening also puts you in contact with micro-organisms. Several continuing studies suggest that dirt helps one to develop a healthy immune system. Soil based micro-organisms have stronger strains of beneficial bacteria that can survive through the digestive system and provide the most benefit.

Finally, planting a medicinal garden will bring another layer of benefits. Not only will you have a sustained relationship with the earth and dirt, but you can grow flora that will further good health and immunity. Start your medicinal garden with chamomile, yarrow, lemon balm, echinacea, aloe, and peppermint, for use in teas, poultices, and salves.

Get out there in the dirt and the sunshine!

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Best Yoga Oakland and Berkeley | Namaste Yoga + Wellness   

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