Staff Picks for Mother’s Day

ON May 6, 2019
Gifts for Mother's Day Giftcard

You know it’s a winner when the person behind the front desk is wishing for it. Wondering what to do for your loved one for Mother’s Day? Besides getting them a nourishing and relaxing massage, which is always a delightfully received gift (purchase a gift card online here), we’ve got all the current staff favorites below to give you some inspiration.

Claire | Operations Manager

Inspire OmCali Oil

Gifts for Mother's Day Omcali Oils

“I love the light and silken feel of OmCali’s freshly made whole-plant skincare items. Inspire is made with calendula (an excellent remedy for inflamed skin), holy basil (one of the most holy plants in India and has powerful antifungal properties), and California poppy (a mild sedative which can reduce tension and anxiety).

I usually find myself using it out in the world, but it is a great option for bringing a mindfully aromatic element to the mat.”


Stephanie | Front Desk Associate

OmCali Dream Oil

Gifts for Mother's Day | Omcali Dream Oil“Vegan, cruelty free, organic, non-toxic and additive free, this line hits the mark on every key concern regarding skincare. A lot of skincare lines cut corners and have one key additive or preservative that is either a neurotoxin, allergan or carcinogen. Omcali is a local company with ethically foraged ingredients made by a botanical alchemist in Northern California. Inspired by Ayurveda, there is a very thoughtful, intentional, and healing focused element to every formulation. I adore Dream as a conduit for use with Reiki and massage, and also love to infuse my moisturizer with a few drops to enjoy the relaxing scent. Dream encourages calming of the nervous system, promotes lucid dreaming, psychic protection, restful sleep, and a calmer, clearer state of mind.

It can be used as a personal scent day or night, can be used for massage and healing work, or can be infused into a moisturizer for an added experience for the senses. I plan to use it specifically for dreamwork and dream journaling to convey the message to my unconscious mind that I am ready to recall my dreams in vivid detail.”

Helene | Brand Manager

Plant Apothecary Soaking Salts

Gifts for Mother's Day Soaking Salts

“I love the mission behind this company. All of Plantfolk’s botanical creations are crafted in mindfulness and gratitude from the purest ingredients available, using a variety of sustainably, ethically, organically, and locally-sourced herbs oils, waxes, essential oils, clays, botanical extracts, and hydrosols. They grow many of their own organic herbs in their gardens in northern New Mexico, and distill their own plant and floral waters using an artisanal copper still.

I like to think of ritual bath time as a way to make the everyday feel special and sacred.”

Alyssa | Front Desk Associate

Om Cali Sacred Skincare Rose Hydrosol

Gifts for Mother's Day Rose Spray“I have dry and sensitive skin that needs gentle and frequent moisture. I love misting the rose hydrosol on my face throughout the day. It smells lovely and keeps my skin feeling fresh and hydrated. It’s also a lovely way to take a moment to pause in a busy day and connect deeply.

Best for busy humans wanting ways to create moments of pause in their days.”



Victoria | Front Desk Associate

Brass Ganesh Deity

Gifts for Mother's Day Statue“I like the weight of the statues in my hand, they have meaning, purpose and gravitas.

Our little statues are perfect for those searching for items to add to their rituals and self care practice.”





Valerie | Front Desk Associate

Made By Rheal Concrete Hands

Gifts for Mother's Day Hands

“We carry several items by this local artist but my favorite are the concrete hands and these are multi-purpose. I bought one and have been using it for offerings at my altar at home. The hands without sparkle are food safe – how cute would it be to keep spices in them for a unique table setting! It’s also great for incense while practicing yoga at home.

As a gift, this would be a beautiful way to tell that special someone that you love what they have to offer the world!”


Tim | Front Desk Associate

Gifts for Mother's Day Yoga FAQ

Yoga FAQ by Richard Rosen

“Since first seeing this book on the retail floor several months ago, I was intrigued by the attempt to demystify the lineages of Yoga in a thoughtful yet accessible way that many people can understand. Richard Rosen is a very highly regarded yoga teacher.  It is certainly a book about Yoga, but I imagine, like Yoga, holds general life guidance as well.

Erica | Front Desk Associate

Girlfriend Collective Recycled Legging

Gifts for Mother's Day | Girlfriend Collective Leggings

“I really love their mission and the way they operate. They not only provide high-quality reasonably priced clothing, but they also treat their workers really well. They pay them 150% the local wage, free health care and onsite health check-ups. Not to mention that each pair of leggings is made out of plastic bottles!  They really put their money where their mouth is.

These are perfect for the hiker, the dancer, and the fashion lover who cares about sustainability.”


Carrie | Training Manager

Beyond Yoga Legging

Gifts for Mother's Day | Beyond Yoga Leggings“I love how versatile this brand is! I can wear them to work, to yoga and out for dinner all in one day and look good/feel comfortable doing so. Beyond Yoga is known for their long-wearing fabrics that are buttery smooth and comfortable, eco-conscious, and can be washed/dried traditionally.

Perfect for anyone looking for cozy + durable yoga / active-wear.”



Seble | Front Desk Associate

Backbeat Rags Vintage Black Tencel Robe

Gifts for Mother's Day | Backbeat Rags Tencel Jacket“The mission of this company really speaks to me. Most fabrics are made in California, are recycled, organic or sustainable and support small producers. The aesthetic is effortless and the company is owned by a woman of color, Isadora Alvarez who in fact immigrated from the Philippines! The models are ethnically diverse and it seems like a real effort has been made to include different shapes in order to provide something for many different body types. 

I just learned that Tencel is made from Eucalyptus cellulose! This fabulous tree is one of my favorites but is really invasive as well as fast growing so using it in this manner makes a lot of sense.”

Melissa | Rockridge Studio Manager

Everyday B Yoga Mat

Melissa Goble, ManagerGifts for Mother's Day | B Yoga Mat

“I love the texture, weight, durability and color choices for the B Mat. The texture is slip resistant but smooth, super grippy. It feels more like a soft pad vs a rough firm mat that offers more padding for the knees, which is really nice.”

Kenny | Grand Lake Studio Manager

Manduka Pro Mat

Gifts for Mother's Day | Manduka Prolite“Along with the fact that this mat has been my go-to mat for over a decade there are two unique aspects to the Manduka ‘Pro’ mat that I appreciate. The ‘Pro’ comes with a lifetime guarantee (which I couldn’t imagine ever needing), but which is intended to help reduce the amount of PVC mats that enter landfills every year and reduces overall mat consumption.. The second aspect is the ‘Pro’ mat feels robust – the mat’s size, weight and thickness provides a sense of comfort and support, even if it is a bit burdensome to transport. I feel anchored when I’m on this mat and am able practice with a sense of confidence and freedom that I seldom feel with other mats I have tried in the past.”



Need other ideas? Pop by our boutiques and ask our staff for some more ideas! They are happy to show you around our shops. Or purchase a gift card online that can be used at any of our locations for any of our products or services.

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